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Bowen Commercial Storage

About Us

Bowen Storage was founded in 1982 on the values of excellence and integrity. Servicing over 4,000 customers Australia-wide, we strive to deliver exceptional workplace solutions and create business improvement. In doing so, we provide security and opportunities for our staff and communities.

Today, we serve customers across Australia and New Zealand, assisting them to optimise their warehouse storage and efficiencies.

Our continued growth and success
is achieved through:

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing our customers with safe, sustainable and intelligent storage solutions that increase throughput.


To be nationally recognised as the leading provider of proven storage solutions enabling clients to achieve optimum supply efficiencies.

Our Values

  • Ownership Mindset
  • +1 Attitude
  • Collaboration
  • Your complete commercial storage solution

    Bowen Storage work with clients from medium to large warehouses and distribution centres to eCommerce businesses and smaller storage centres. We can assist you in designing and installing a pallet racking system that will maximise the floor space usage to ceiling height, focusing on operational efficiencies providing the highest volume of inventory storage.

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    Delivering projects on time

    We provide the highest quality racking options, in-house design capability, and a reputation for delivering on-time complete projects. You have a dedicated project manager to ensure all aspects of the project are completed to plan, with a clean and ready-to-use facility.

    You can be confident that your project is installed and handed over timely, ready for you to load your inventory.

    Read about our history here or meet our team.

    Transforming Commercial Storage Spaces

    Pallet Racking

    Specialising in the highest quality pallet racking systems for warehouses across Australia. Our modern warehouse solutions are customised to suit your individual storage needs that will maximise your facility’s productivity and efficiencies while optimising the storage capacity. 


    Industrial or warehouse shelving provides you with options to maximise your storage capacity while minimising your floor footprint. The storage racking for industrial use is a heavy-duty option made of steel and designed to carry the heaviest weights and lengths of large items.


    Mezzanine floors are not just for new-construction buildings; they are a popular way to increase floor space without expanding the square meterage of an existing facility. Mezzanines can be installed over machinery, conveyors, and shelving or incorporated into new warehouse storage systems.