Automotive Projects

TJM 4x4 Accessories

With further  expansion planned, TJM 4×4 Accessories needed to upgrade its distribution centre and manufacturing facility to maintain its presence as a leader in the 4×4 industry. Their brief to us necessitated a move from their old multi-building facility in Geebung QLD, to a state-of-the-art facility in nearby Brendale.  A key goal of the facility upgrade was to ensure the optimum service to their dealers Australia-wide, and allow them to further manufacture and continue with R&D in Australia.

After a formal tender process, Bowen Storage was selected to provide the storage systems within the new facility. Part of the decision-making was the high level of service provided and always showing a willingness to help and this continued through the completion.

Stow pallet racking offered an optimal, cost-effective solution both in structural design and high-cost effectiveness. The majority of the warehouse is high-rise narrow aisle with mesh decks to provide better warehouse utilisation for storage with fewer aisles. Other areas in the facility include selective racking and workbenches.

Featuring over 10km of lineal storage, the new facility prioritised staff safety as a key consideration, and as such, the warehouse design provided safe pedestrian access and routes throughout the site.

Once the order was placed, Bowen Storage worked in conjunction with the team at TJM to finalise the design. Further design enhancements occurred throughout the fit out. Both parties worked tirelessly with some design enhancements occurring late in the installation, with the results realised and a great facility completed on time.

Mercedes Benz

With a commitment to exceptional service and customer support to the automotive industry, Barloworld Mercedes Benz needed a storage solution to improve spare parts storage capacity and efficiency within their dealerships.

The brief was to accommodate a full range of automotive parts in a limited area, maximising the use of floor space while permitting prompt regular access to all items.

Bowen Storage reconfigured the small space available and created a series of storage systems that improved both capacity and efficiency in the dealership.

Stow selective pallet racking system was chosen with custom dividers, making it easier to store, segregate and access heavy and bulky parts.

Boscotek high-density storage cabinets provided an effective storage solution for the small automotive parts. For lightweight automotive parts, Sigma shelving system was installed, designed for stability, high capacity, and low cost.

The tailored solution included the design and installation of high-quality mobile workbenches, maximising ease and efficiency in pick and despatch parts.

Bowen Storage worked in partnership with Barloworld Mercedes to deliver the maximum use of the limited available space.

By reconfiguring the floor layout, all stock parts now fit into the small, existing space. The new, efficient, and effective storage solution allows Barloworld to enhance operational efficiencies, enabling the best service and support provided to customers.

The innovative design has reduced the storage footprint, enabling easy access to stock and a highly functional, user-friendly storage layout.

Jefferson Ford

As the national distribution hub of automotive spare parts for several dealerships, Jefferson Group wanted to increase the amount of stock they were able to hold and accommodate.

Recent changes to parts packaging had rendered their traditional storage methods ineffective.

The brief was to increase warehouse storage capacity, design and supply the storage solution and project manage the installation over several stages.

Bowen Storage reconfigured the warehouse layout to improve efficiency and throughput, including moving the courier pick up area to the rear of the warehouse where there was better car parking and loading facilities.

Spare parts shelving was also relocated, increasing available floor space for pallet racking.

An innovative storage solution for vehicle bumper bars was designed, supplied, and implemented, remedying the common challenge among automotive spare parts dealers of how to store bulky stock safely and efficiently.

Mesh decking to cater to the varying sizes and shapes of automotive spare parts was supplied for the pallet racking, affording Jefferson Group greater flexibility when storing inventory.

By redesigning the warehouse layout, storage capacity, efficiency, and productivity have been increased, enabling the Jefferson team to more effectively deliver the best service experience possible to their automotive network.

The Boscotek high-density drawer storage cabinets resulted in saving up to 30% on the footprint of traditional small parts storage methods. Ideally suited to small automotive parts, this compact solution also improved productivity by increasing the ease and speed with which parts were able to be identified and retrieved.

The installation of the project was managed by Bowen Storage and carried out in two stages, over four weeks.

The downtime was minimised by liaising closely with the client and installing the storage systems around their existing stock and daily order picking schedules.

Bearing Wholesalers

Bearing Wholesalers, Australia’s leading supplier of automotive transmission parts, promotes a ‘5 point customer care policy’.  This policy outlines Bearing’s commitment to quality, timely service, and product availability.

To help deliver on this promise, the company tasked Bowen Storage with implementing a unique storage system specifically designed for their small parts product range.

The brief was to dramatically improve efficiency, increase the availability of stock on hand and sustain the long-term growth and profitability of the company.

Flexibility was key for the client, who requested a storage solution that could adapt to changing needs and be adjusted to suit different product lines. Sigma was the ideal solution.

The available warehouse area was reconfigured and a customised two-tier Sigma storage system installed.

The layout of the storage system was carefully designed to maximise capacity, taking into consideration staff amenities, emergency egress, and final order fulfillment processes.

Bowen Storage designed and installed the entire storage system, including staircase, safety loading gate, lighting, hand railing, and mesh safety backing.

Bearing Wholesalers had previously been contemplating relocation or a warehouse extension, to accommodate more stock.

These costly options were rendered unnecessary, by transforming dead space in the form of an old disused office into valuable storage space and utilising the full height of the building with the two-tier Sigma system.

The reconfigured warehouse provided double the existing storage space while keeping inventory in close proximity to the order fulfillment and sales areas.

Staff can now pick orders simultaneously, to achieve their commitment to timely service during peak order periods.

Each of the three stages was installed in less than one week, without the need for heavy lifting equipment, greatly reducing potential disruption to the client.

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