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Careers For You

Who We Are

We are Bowen Storage, an ambitious company providing warehouse storage and optimisation solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

We feel good about the work we do. Whether it’s the way we conduct our business, how we work with our customers and suppliers, and, importantly, how we collaborate with our teams. We care- it’s what we are known for doing. And its why we are a great place to build a career with purpose.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing our customers with safe, sustainable and intelligent storage solutions that increase throughput.


To be nationally recognised as the leading provider of proven storage solutions enabling clients to achieve optimum supply efficiencies.

Our Values

  • Ownership Mindset
  • +1 Attitude
  • Collaboration
  • Bowen
    and You

    As a member of our team, you will build a purpose-orientated career and lead positive improvements in our business. You will empower others through your caring and inclusive attitude. You will deliver on your mission to support your fellow team members and assist the company in reaching its goals. As a family business, we bring family values to everyone, providing a focused environment whilst retaining fun. A youthful leadership team that is open to change and improvement that allows you to flourish.

    You will benefit from:

    First-Class Facilities

    Our expansive offices and warehouse facilities provide collaborative meeting areas, private meeting rooms, relaxation rooms, and open or private offices.

    Training and Development Offerings

    Improving your career knowledge and personal development is important. Therefore, we encourage and, where possible, support your career development and skill improvement.

    Flexible Working Hours

    We understand the need to find a balance in your work/life. To be available for those special times in family and work.

    Career Progression Opportunities

    Our average tenure is over ten years, and we have many employees who have achieved progression through our company to senior and strategic roles.

    Financial Team Bonus Incentive Scheme

    Everyone at Bowen commits to our success, and we share the financial rewards with the team at the end of the year and have done so for many years.

    Stable 40-year-Old Company

    You know we will be there tomorrow! With a history of 40 years and a leading industry company, you can be confident in your commitment that we will be there with you.

    Team Positions

    Sales  –  Finance  – Operations  – Project Managers – Site Managers

    What our team members say about Bowen

    Leigh Holland
    “Working with Bowen Storage has been a truly positive experience. From the General Manager down, Bowen storage fosters a culture of success and support throughout the business, which empowers everyone here to achieve.”
    Joyce 1
    “I have been with the company for more than 6 years. I feel that I’m working with my family members. Everyone here is incredibly supportive, and the management team are always open to discussing new ideas and improvements. Bowen storage’s value “Ownership mindset” and “Collaboration” that makes everyone more responsible at work and offers a great friendly team working environment. In the past 6 years, I’ve enjoyed a very good work-life balance and had many chances to be part of some exciting achievements. I was also given a lot of challenges which helped me to learn new skills as well as demonstrate my strong commitment and contributions. I’m very glad to be a part of this wonderful company.”
    office staff 2
    “Right from my very first day with Bowen Storage almost 6 years ago, Bowen has and continues to inspire me. Working with people that enjoy what they do and have an endless wealth of knowledge makes it easy for me to do my job, and having management that encourages and empowers people to do their best provides a great work environment and team spirit. Working at Bowen Storage has been a very encouraging experience, I have been given the opportunity to grow and develop myself on a professional and personal level, one for which I am very grateful. I like the mindset and culture and being part of a team that gives its best.”
    Sophie Vernon
    “I have worked for Bowen Storage for almost 10 years now and overall has been a positive experience for me. Our teams work well together to achieve common goals through open communication and collaboration which helps me greatly to strive to succeed and stay engaged. This is a company which offers a supportive work/life balance while also offering opportunities for professional growth and with ongoing incentives, it’s an enticing prospect to continue to work here for another 10 years.”