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Commercial Real Estate
Warehouse Capacity Plans

Warehouse capacity plans are essential for marketing commercial real estate properties.

Whether you are leasing or selling a commercial real estate, a plan demonstrating capacity will not only assist you to market your property more professionally but answer two of the most important questions you need answered.

inside of a large commercial real estate property

When evaluating warehouse space, prospective owners or tenant’s priorities are:

  1. Location and access to primary logistics hubs
  2. Road and rail infrastructure
  3. Onsite accessibility for loading and unloading
  4. Storage capacity for palletised goods
  5. Warehouse design and layout for efficiency and productivity.

Understanding Points 4 and 5, the Storage Capacity, Design and Layout of a warehouse needs to be answered with certainty and by professionals. 

Your ability to provide prospective tenants with storage capacity options, depending on their inventory, directly assists you in marketing the property.

Bowen Storage’s experience across many different industries within warehouse facilities, our understanding of lean principles places us in an optimum position to assist you in providing this valuable information for your clients.

We work with commercial real estate agents, property developers and consultants.

Our two-tiered approach to support your marketing:

1. Warehouse Design & Layout Options

We provide you with several warehouse capacity layout options designed by our consultants and costed at a high level. The designs are based on warehouse suitability as an example: wholesale inventory storage, eCommerce, or automotive. We establish the pallet capacity of the facility and indictive SKU capacity based on standard sizes.

The high-level costing includes supply and project management costs. In addition, the designs include high-level CAD drawings of the warehouse layout and materials handling equipment, manning levels, and possible warehouse expansion options.

When a prospective buyer or tenant is sufficiently satisfied in moving forward, we can assist you or the client with the next stage with more detailed plans for their specific inventory requirements.

2. Detailed Warehouse Layout and Design

The detailed layout and design of the preferred facility option will include client specific pallet racking, shelving and associated storage systems designs and plant and equipment layouts within the facility footprint. The layout will be optimised to ensure the greatest ROI and operational efficiency for the client.

If you plan to build or market commercial properties, we can resolve the two important questions that prospective buyers or tenants will ask.

To discuss this service with our commercial partner specialist, please complete the form below.

To discuss this service with our commercial partner specialist, please complete the form below.

Commercial Real Estate