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Quay Australia

Quay Australia is a USA based sunglasses manufacturer, who was looking to establish a bigger commercial presence in Australia.

They came to us with a goal to redesign their warehouse and replace the existing shelving and racking that wasn’t fit for purpose. The overall layout, including the packing and dispatch areas, were inefficient and had excessive forklift/personnel crossover.

This meant we needed to help Quay with…

  1. Creating more pick face picking space and pallet storage in a more efficient layout.
  2. Separating pickers/packers from the forklift traffic.
  3. Maximising shelving space for their online store.
  4. Completing the project over a condensed period of time to minimise downtime.

Bowen’s Storage Design team developed a layout which incorporated the following key features…

  1. Complete redesign of the warehouse layout, which included segregated pallet storage, picking area and dispatch area.
  2. Physical mesh barrier between the pallet storage and picking area.
  3. Aligning the pallet storage area with the roller door to decrease forklift/personnel crossover.
  4. Custom made workbenches on wheels to provide a flexible packing/dispatch area.
  5. Organised quotations for a narrow aisle forklift to give the picking area more space.

The result was a fully redesigned warehouse, including segregated pallet storage and efficient picking and dispatch areas.

The key features included…

  1. Tripling the existing pallet and picking storage capacity by narrowing up the pallet racking aisles, giving the client additional picking space.
  2. Providing custom packing benches which greatly increased the capacity of the dispatch area, ensuring more orders could be sent.
  3. Ensuring the online store could hold the stock they needed to fulfil orders, with every SKU having a location.


Established in 1974, Gazman is a leading Australian supplier of men’s casual and business clothing. Their brief to us for a dual warehouse solution was:

  • Create more pick face picking space and store the hanging garments in a more efficient location
  • Separate pickers/packers with the forklift traffic
  • Maximise the online store shelving space

The client still had to operate from the warehouses throughout the duration of the project, while all racking and shelving was either moved and adjusted.

Further complicating the scope of works was the removal of an asbestos roof, which required careful planning around start and finish times etc.

After a comprehensive site review, we proposed and then implemented a storage solution that featured:

  • Narrow up picking aisles lower warehouse, and extended frame heights of pick shelves which would then be accessed by a man up picking machine.
  • Relocating hanging garments from the lower warehouse to the upper warehouse, where they’re unloaded and picked from with a boom that extends directly into the truck. This was mounted on the underside of a newly constructed mezzanine floor, so we didn’t lose the valuable room above the hanging area.
  • Re-allocation of pallet racking in the upper warehouse to the opposite side, enabling greater efficiency
  • Moving the packing area from the upper warehouse to the lower warehouse where the picking is done
  • Online store – our design team developed a storage area within this separate room which included removing some protruding stud walls, moving all shelving to the new layout.

The Gazman team are now in a position to drive profits as a result of a more efficient storage area.

  • 250% more storage space – by narrowing up the aisles, we were able to implement additional picking runs, and by extending the shelving frame height,  the storage space was significantly improved
  • 197sq/mtrs of additional floor space – relocating the hanging area meant the picking and packing efficiencies were increased, while also enabling the construction of a mezzanine floor for additional bulk storage.
  • More efficient order fulfilment – moving the packing benches down to the lower warehouse shortened the distance from picking to packing. This also created more space in the upper warehouse for bulk pallet storage.
  • 100% more pick face locations – enabling the online store to hold the stock they needed to fulfil orders and also every SKU had a location.

Nu Pure Beverages

Nu-Pure Beverages is a 100% Australian owned company manufacturing 100% Australian made products.  At Nu-Pure it’s all about healthy, natural hydration.

As a growing organisation, the brief to Bowen Storage was clear – design, supply and install a pallet storage solution that would improve warehouse capacity and efficiency.

After working with Nu-Pure in the design phase, Bowen Storage supplied and installed a Stow pallet storage system to improve warehouse capacity, efficiency, safety and productivity.

Modular and flexible in design, Stow’s structural components are rigorously tested to ensure a safe load capacity for goods of all sizes and weights.

Back to back selective racking provided over 1980 pallet spaces to maximise storage capacity and density, whilst allowing access to all pallets easily and efficiently.

Rack protection guards were installed to prevent accidental damage from forklifts.

Bowen Storage worked personally with Nu-Pure Beverages to deliver a quality, cost-effective robust storage solution, on budget and on time.

The Stow pallet storage solution provided improved storage space and capacity, quick and easy access to stored product and improved operational efficiencies leading to better productivity and profitability.

Most importantly, better response times from warehouse to stores meant improved customer service and experience.

Bata Shoes

In February 2018 Malcolm Turnbull visited Bata Group’s manufacturing plant in in Mornington, and in his own words was ‘inspired by their passion for technology and the role it was playing in supporting jobs in our manufacturing sector’.

Prior to the visit, Bowen Storage installed a mezzanine floor for Bata Group, enabling them to more effectively use their storage space, which is critical to growth.

The Bowen Storage team assessed the site and requirements for the additional floor space and gained the required information regarding the company’s requirements for the new growth and additional pick face required, and integrated all details into an effective, efficient and productive space plan within the existing facility.

We constructed the new Raised Storage Area within easy access entry points for the pickers beside the packing and dispatch area.

Key features include:

  • Drafting and engineering drawings.
  • All needed permits and engineering were obtained by Bowen Group.
  • Pallet Racking Based Raised Storage Area
  • 25mm Tongue and Groove Plywood Flooring to accommodate for the point load of pallet jacks moving pallets around on the floor.
  • Balustrading to keep the staff protected from the exposed edges.
  • A double barrier pallet loading gate for safely loading pallets onto the Raised Storage Area and preventing any staff exposure to the edge of the RSA.

The end result was a cost effective and efficient floor space resulting from the installation of the Raised Storage Area within the same facility.

Bata Shoes entire team are very pleased with the outcome in the additional floor space giving them the needed space for the additional product lines for a specific client.

The entire project was completed within a timeframe just before the Prime Minister visited the Bata Shoes site in support of the Growing Manufacturing Business.

Mecca Brands

MECCA Brands is a high touch, high service beauty boutique, offering customers over 100 of the best – and some exclusive – beauty brands from around the world. Products are distributed across Australia and New Zealand through 60 MECCA Cosmetica, MECCA Maxima and Kit Cosmetics stores, as well as website orders.

Due to rapid business expansion and substantial growth in online orders, MECCA Brands existing warehouse facility was literally bursting at the seams! Something had to be done to improve stock inaccuracy, throughput constraints, cramped conditions and overall poor performance of the current fulfilment system; all typical logistical issues experienced by growing retailers.

Bowen Storage was charged with the creation of an efficient storage solution for a new warehouse location, which would improve inventory accuracy, order fulfilment and stock rotation.

Bowen Storage custom designed and installed a modular storage system for MECCA Brands new online warehouse facility, using the Metalsistem Sigma shelving system.

After conducting an extensive on-site review, Bowen Storage installed a trial version of the Sigma system at MECCA Brand’s existing warehouse. Bowen then worked closely with supply chain consultant Xact Solutions to design and fitout the new warehouse – utilising the benefits of the Sigma shelving system.

Over 500 bays of shelving, 25 bays of Carton Live Storage, and 100 bays of pallet racking were installed at the new warehouse location to meet the current and predicted short term fulfilment demands.

To improve inventory accuracy, every product line or SKU was allocated its own individual storage location. Every storage level was then designated by colour and number for faster identification and order fulfilment.

  • Daily order fulfilment rate increased by 25% as a direct result of the overall inventory storage and despatch solution
  • Inventory accuracy increased from 80% to 95% due to individual storage locations for each SKU combined with a new RF Warehouse Management System
  • Inventory rotation improved by up to 100% with the use of carton live storage for fast moving stock
  • Product security and safety increased as bulk stock is now securely held in pallet racking, allowing forklift access to all pallet locations in an orderly and timely manner
  • Staff productivity and morale improved through clarity of designated inventory zones and implementation of time efficient picking routes
  • Despatch capacity increased by 60% with the provision of eight fully equipped workstations
  • Store expansion program has been able to continue with six new MECCA retail stores opened since implementation, aided by the increased fulfilment capability of the new warehouse

Natures Organics

Natures Organics is a leading supplier of environmentally friendly products. Bowen Storage have built a strong relationship with Natures Organics, providing efficient storage solutions for a number of years now.

Our team of storage experts have continued to provide Natures Organics with:

  • Drive In pallet racking
  • Raised storage areas
  • Safety gates and railing
  • Safety Auditing and repairs

The end result is a highly efficient warehouse system delivered on time and aligned to Natures Organics’ requirements.

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