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Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving

Wondering how you can get more of your products or stock on the floor of your retail store, but not sure where you can put them all? Gonola shelving is one of the best solutions that can solve your problem. Maximising shelf space through tiers of adjustable shelving while minimising floor space providing room for more shelving units.

Sidac Gondola Shop Shelving has the largest available range of standard bay sizes, allowing the retailer to merchandise more through efficient floor space usage.

Our team can also assist you with alternative shelving solutions, including Stockroom Shelving

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Seven shelf lengths ranging from 500mm to 1500mm to suit all merchandising applications and budgets.

Nine base depths from 200mm out to 1000mm to maximise valuable floor space.

Common uprights with removable legs for single/double-sided configurations and easy reconfiguration.

Header ends – freestanding, hook-on, or rounded.

Shelf surface options include smooth or perforated metal, and glass, timber, or wire infill.

The backing options include smooth, asymmetrically perforated, slatted, mesh, or illuminated panels.

Integrated glass display cabinets with storage cupboards and lighting.

Plinth drawers suitable for reserve stock storage.

Castors for mobile bays.

Shelf lighting to make your merchandise pop!

Mini-rack/outrigger variants for heavier loads.

Discount configurations for economy.

Huge range of hooks and merchandising accessories.


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