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Longspan Mezzanine Floors

Longspan Mezzanine Floors For Cost Efficiency

Longspan mezzanines floors are a popular option for businesses needing additional storage space for an inventory of small parts or hand-picked items such as electrical components, mining equipment, small carton items, automotive parts, archival materials etc. 

Rather than being limited to a one-tier racking system, with the correct planning, additional space can be gained through the second tier of longspan racking by installing mezzanine shelving. This effectively doubles your storage capacity and maximises the use of clear space between one-tier racking and the ceiling.

Although long span shelving uses fewer columns or posts, the material rating provides the structural strength to extend shelving to a mezzanine level. Suspended walkways with floor surfaces such as gratings, steel panels, or wooden walkways are installed at the mezzanine level to access the upper shelves

Stair access points, loading gates and safety railing are incorporated into the design. Lighting and fire protection sprinkler systems can also be installed to comply with relevant building and fire safety standards.

Longspan shelving contributes to productivity as personnel can easily pick goods without the need for the excessive moving of cartons. With a second-tier longspan mezzanine, greater inventory volumes can be managed through the shelving system, supporting even higher productivity for personnel.

A customised longspan mezzanine optimises the space in your warehouse to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of access and cost.

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Longspan Mezzanine Floor Setups in Warehouses
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eBook - Do I need a building permit for a mezzanine floor

'Do I Need a Building Permit for a Mezzanine Floor?'

This is a question that is asked by many when considering a longspan mezzanine floor. A building permit protects you against litigation in the event of an incident involving property damage or personnel injury.

It ensures that your insurance cover in such circumstances is effective, and protects you and your staff from potentially harmful non-compliance issues, find out more…

Melbourne University's Massive Mezzanine

Featured Case Study

Due to its unique and growing collection of rare books, Melbourne University’s library team was looking for a much-improved storage solution.

The solution? A two-tier storage module consisting of 1,300 bays of shelving, with a footprint of approximately 1,400 square metres of floor space – we said it was massive!

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