Longspan Mezzanine Floors

Longspan Mezzanine Floors

Bowen Storage has the right longspan mezzanine floor solution for your warehouse or storage facility, let us tell you why…

Two-tier shelving systems can be constructed using the Sigma and Unirack shelving ranges, while it is also a cost-effective solution designed to suit the floor area in your new or existing warehouse.

These two-tier storage systems use standard modular shelving components to create raised storage areas that maximise warehouse volume and storage capacity, utilising all available ceiling height.

Sigma shelving is easily customisable for two-tier storage modules. Due to its lead-free galvanised finish, it is suitable for the storage of old archives such as books, documents, and manuals, etc.

Lighting and fire protection sprinkler systems can also be installed to comply with relevant building and fire safety standards.

Our team can also help you with alternative mezzanine solutions, including Structural Steel Mezzanines

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The use of standard modular components to develop a purpose-built storage solution.

Increase storage capacity without moving premises.

Particularly suited for small parts and archive storage.

The lead-free galvanised finish provides safe storage of old archive books and documents etc.

Can be designed as open plan floors or two-tier shelving with suspended walkways.

Increase the amount of shelf storage by utilising overhead space.

Cost-effective warehouse storage solutions.

Staircases, handrails, and loading gates can be incorporated into the structure.

Wide range of accessories that further enhance storage effectiveness.

Lighting and fire protection sprinkler systems can be installed.

Sigma mezzanine floors are ideal for:

Automotive Parts

Electrical Components

Hardware Supplies




Garment Storage

Small Parts Storage


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Maximise Usable Floor Space
With Our Mezzanine Floor Systems

eBook - Do I need a building permit for a mezzanine floor

'Do I Need a Building Permit for a Mezzanine Floor?'

This is a question that is asked by many when considering a longspan mezzanine floor. A building permit protects you against litigation in the event of an incident involving property damage or personnel injury.

It ensures that your insurance cover in such circumstances is effective, and protects you and your staff from potentially harmful non-compliance issues, find out more…

Melbourne University's Massive Mezzanine

Featured Case Study

Due to its unique and growing collection of rare books, Melbourne University’s library team was looking for a much-improved storage solution.

The solution? A two-tier storage module consisting of 1,300 bays of shelving, with a footprint of approximately 1,400 square metres of floor space – we said it was massive!

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