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Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking Maximises Storage Space

Stow narrow aisle racking provides a versatile product design enabling you to maximise your valuable warehouse storage space.

The rack uprights are available in a range of widths, depths and thicknesses. All made to the highest standard of Stow, a global leader in warehouse storage in 15 countries worldwide.

With safety in mind, the engineered racking comes with heavy-duty frame bracing, racking end protection, and front and rear upright protectors, protecting you from potential damage and risk. Guiderails or electronic guidance systems can be fitted to assist forklifts and protect the structural integrity of the racking. Fire sprinklers need to be considered when installing this racking.

The aisle width is reduced to minimum spacing whilst still allowing for the load and forklift turning clearance. These high-rise storage racks need specialised handling equipment with reduced operational space to load and unload racks.

Specifically designed for the use of turret trucks or articulated forklifts reaching up to 30 metres in height narrow aisle pallet racking is a space-saving option. Additionally, the VNA (very narrow aisles) forklifts can operate in a space as narrow as 1.6m. This can increase and maximises storage capacity by 50% when designed with VNA racking in mind.

This racking solution will optimise your floor area and roof height while retaining direct access to every pallet resulting in greater storage density. Narrow aisle racking is the storage solution specifically designed for unrestricted continuous access to stock without compromising storage density. 

If your warehouse area has excellent height, this system will allow you to utilise that space, minimising the need for larger premises. In addition, narrow aisle racking has a 45% floor usage ratio, providing you with excellent storage capacity.

The narrow aisle racking system is well suited to operations for lower throughput and bulk reserve stock storage. It delivers excellent value as it is designed to ensure 100% stock rotation. Ideally suited to the storage of high-density hand-picked goods.

The Stow pallet racking system meets or exceeds rigorous European FEM regulations and complies with AS4084-2023 Australian Standards. It undergoes rigorous design and testing through Stow’s 180 strong engineering team giving you peace of mind that you are installing the best.

This is an ideal storage system where height space and floor space utilisation are required.



Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking Setups In Warehouses

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