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Nu-Pure Beverages Case Study

Nu-Pure Beverages is a family-owned business that manufactures 100% Australian-made beverages. Founded in 2005, we are the experts in spring water. Our water is sourced from specially selected pristine Australian springs and has a natural and nourishing balance of minerals.
As a fast growing organisation, Nu-Pure Beverages brief to Bowen Storage was clear and concise – design, supply and install a pallet storage solution that would significantly improve their warehouse capacity and efficiency for the coming years.
After working with Nu-Pure Beverages in the design and layout phase, Bowen Storage established a design that meet their needs to improve warehouse capacity, efficiency, safety and productivity.

We supplied and installed a Stow pallet storage system that is modular and flexible in design. Stow’s structural components are rigorously tested to ensure a safe load capacity for goods of all sizes and weights.

Back-to-back selective racking provided over 1980 pallet spaces to maximise storage capacity and density, whilst allowing access to all pallets easily and efficiently.

Rack protection guards were installed to prevent accidental damage from forklifts.
Bowen Storage worked closely with Nu-Pure Beverages to deliver a quality, cost-effective robust storage solution, on budget and on time.

The Stow pallet storage solution provided improved storage space and capacity, quick and easy access to stored product and improved operational efficiencies leading to better productivity and profitability.

Most importantly, better response times from warehouse to stores meant improved customer service and experience.

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