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Paragon Care Case Study

Paragon Care has become recognised as a leading provider of equipment, devices and consumables to the healthcare market. We also offer equipment repair, maintenance, and total equipment management through Paragon Care Service & Technology. Our agility and experience enables you to provide the right solution to achieve the optimal outcome, today.
When Paragon Care consolidated three existing sites into their new state-of-the-art premises at Scoresby Victoria, they contacted Bowen Storage for a complete fitout of their new warehouse and the relocation of several other storage facilities.

Due to business expansion and growth, Paragon Care was unable to keep pace with its storage and distribution needs.

Their requirements were:
  • Consolidate existing warehouses to a single facility for enhanced stock control
  • Design and construct a customised storage solution for their brand new facility
  • Increase storage density and improve throughput
  • Allow staff to access stock quickly and easily whilst ensuring optimal storage conditions
After careful consultation with the Paragon Care project management team, we designed a solution that provided:
  • A customised mezzanine storage system to optimise height
  • The layout of the storage system was carefully designed to maximise capacity, taking into consideration staff amenities, emergency egress, and final order fulfillment processes
  • Racking and shelving storage systems
  • Workbenches and safety handrail
  • A carefully coordinated consolidation plan to allow minimal disruption to business whilst the existing sites were consolidated
  • After hours relocation of shelving fully stocked to allow the despatch team to continue unhindered
The new warehouse storage solution maximised operational efficiency and delivered significant improvements in order fulfillment.

The new solution has delivered scalability – a critical requirement of the project. Future growth can be easily accommodated, as space and resources have been allocated for additional racking, shelving, and despatch workstations to meet long-term business objectives.

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