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Sayfa Group Case Study

SAYFA Group is an Australian-based business that leads the industry in the design, manufacturing, and compliance of access and fall protection systems. Our products are 100% Australian-Made. WE SAVE LIVES
As an industry leader in innovative, modular safety systems, SAYFA Group required a solution to store long-length steel tubing.

Due to the product size and length, it was clear that standard pallet racking would not suffice. Instead, the brief called for an innovative and lateral storage solution approach – perfect for Bowen Storage renowned for delivering customised workplace solutions.
The solution was Logicant; a modular, economical cantilever racking system, perfect for storing extra-long, awkward, and bulky products.

With no front uprights, cantilever racking allows clear and easy access to the entire picking face, whilst providing support along the length of the product.

The system enables precise selection of the right product, as the entire picking face is accessible and highly visible.

Bowen Storage supplied and installed the system, designing a solution that utilised the warehouse height available to create efficient use of floor space.
The results speak for themselves – a highly efficient, accessible, and innovative solution that overcame the challenge of storing extra-long products.

By utilising cantilever racking, Bowen Storage created an effective solution for storing long products.

With quick and easy access to products, the SAYFA Group can now deliver better, faster service to clients.

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