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Scorptec Case Study

Scorptec Computers are a leading provider of computer technologies, with five branches on Australia’s Eastern Seaboard and an expansive online store. They are renowned for their large stock holdings and ability to ship orders promptly.
Scorptec Computers were looking to create a state-of-the-art warehouse and order fulfillment system that would cater for their growing business.

The volume of inventory required a system that provided for not only storage solutions but efficiency and productivity gains in an environment that allowed for personal to achieve their order fulfillment without unnecessary duplication of handling materials.
After an extensive review process, our design team developed a warehouse layout to deliver all of Scorptec Computers warehouse needs including:

— Over 1000 pallet spaces and 2.8 kilometres of lineal pick face

— Multi structural steel mezzanine floor and a conveyor system integrated with Scorptecs PLC system

— Zoned picking and packing areas

— Designated store transfer area

— Accommodate 8 packers

— An enclosed warehouse management office

— Order fulfillment from 2 tier mezzanine floor

— Store replenishment and store transfers

— Staging area to fit a 40-foot container for the security of the product

— Mezzanine floor to run over the top of existing office and amenities area to maximise storage space
A fully integrated order fulfillment system with the capacity for future expansion and triple the current output.

Scorptec Computers achieved their goal of operating a  state-of-the-art warehouse and order fulfillment system optimising warehouse efficiencies and productivity.

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