Rack Based Mezzanine Floors

Rack Based Mezzanine Floors

Rack based mezzanine floor options provide cost-effective solutions that can double your floor space by utilising overhead warehouse space.

Medium-duty and heavy-duty mezzanine floors can be assembled using standard pallet racking components. We will assess your mezzanine floor design and provide you with the best racking system solution.

All of our mezzanine floors are purpose-built to suit your requirements and are designed to increase the storage capacity of your existing facility. Shelving levels can be incorporated into the structure to provide long span shelf levels, or, freestanding modular units can be positioned between frames for smaller parts storage.

Our team can also assist you with alternative pallet racking solutions, including Longspan Mezzanine Floors

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Our rack based mezzanine floor options are usually free-standing and can be dismantled and relocated if required.

Specialist material handling equipment can be incorporated into a mezzanine floor, such as conveyors, goods chutes, goods lifts, and pallet load gates.

Purpose-built storage systems can be designed and built by combining racking and shelving systems.

Cost-effective by using standard pallet racking components.

A space-saving effective solution that can double your floor space by utilising overhead space.

Raised storage areas can include staircases, handrails, pallet loading gates, and safety signage.

Fire protection systems can be incorporated into the design.

A wide range of flooring materials is available including plywood, particleboard, steel planking, and steel grating.

Specialist materials handling equipment can be included such as conveyers and goods chutes and lifts.

Work zone lighting and emergency lighting can be installed.


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eBook - Do I need a building permit for a mezzanine floor

'Do I Need a Building Permit for a Mezzanine Floor?'

This is a question that is asked by many when considering a mezzanine floor. A building permit protects you against litigation in the event of an incident involving property damage or personnel injury.

It ensures that your insurance cover in such circumstances is effective, and protects you and your staff from potentially harmful non-compliance issues, find out more…

A Mezzanine Floor Even a Prime Minister Can Lean on

Featured Post

In February 2018 Malcolm Turnbull visited Bata Group’s manufacturing plant in Mornington, and in his own words was ‘inspired by their passion for technology and the role it was playing in supporting jobs in our manufacturing sector.’ Prior to the visit, we installed a mezzanine floor for Bata Group, enabling them to more effectively use their storage space, which is critical to growth. So you partially thank Bowen Storage, Mr. Turnbull. 

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