Rack Safety Audits

Rack Safety Audits

In order to maintain the integrity of your racking and compliance with Australian Standard AS4084:2012, it is imperative that you undertake a rack safety audit and check for any damage at least once every 12 months.

Bowen Storage provides detailed site inspections, comprehensive reporting, and expert advice regarding safe storage practices in order to comply with current Worksafe and WHS regulations. 

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Visual Site Inspection

Our inspectors will carry out a rack safety audit thorough inspection of all racking systems onsite.

All damage, missing fasteners, clips, or safety mechanisms that may alter the integrity of the structure will be detailed and recorded in the Rack Safety Audit Report.

A visual check of all safety signs and load capacity tags will also be carried out to ensure they comply with the current configuration of the racking.

Compliance Reporting

Using information from the onsite inspection we will prepare a detailed Rack Safety Audit Report which records the inspection date and any observations made.

This detailed report lists any repair works that need to be carried out to ensure the racking meets Australian Standard AS4084:2012.

Repairs & Ongoing Compliance

Damaged racking components need to be repaired or replaced ASAP to eliminate possible accidents, and keep warehouses running efficiently.

All pallet racking should be inspected and audited every 12 months. Our Rack Safety team will provide regular, comprehensive audits and reports to ensure you comply with current standards and WHS requirements.


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Your Rack Safety Report... What's Included?

To ensure you’re racking is compliant with Australian Standard AS4084:2012., your rack safety report includes details of the componentry required to replace damaged parts, details of the works proposed, and a price to carry out the works. Our trained safety inspectors will also provide recommendations around warehouse safety equipment.

Our experienced service teams will work with you to minimise your downtime and maximise your efficiency and productivity.

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