Retail Back of House Projects

Super Glue

Leading fashion brand Glue, opened its flagship retail outlet, Super Glue store in Highpoint Shopping Centre, Melbourne.

The brief was to maximise storage and display space, while creating a highly visual point of difference.

Traditional solutions were overlooked in favour of innovative forward thinking solutions aligned the Super Glue brand identity.

The solution – a modular innovative shelving system placed in the middle of the shop floor to create a visually powerful and functional in-store experience.

The Sigma shelving system was selected and used. Bowen Storage worked closely with the store design team, providing CAD files to assist with store layout design and storage.

The Sigma solution was customised to achieve the brief. Architect-specified timber cladding was supplied and installed by the shopfitter, matching the store theme and design.

Black melamine shelf boards were used to maximise space and accommodate footwear while maintaining the store aesthetic.

For the first time, the Sigma modular shelving unit was placed in the middle of the Super Glue store’s shop floor.

The innovative mobile design has reduced the storage footprint, enabling easy access to stock – at the same time creating a visual point of difference aligned to Super Glue’s edgy, youthful identity.

With more on-site storage, Super Glue was able to minimise costly offsite storage and optimise income-producing GLA footprint with more products on display.

Most importantly, staff at the Super Glue retail business are able to provide a better customer experience with quick access to products.

Henry Bucks

Established in 1890, and with stores across Melbourne and Sydney, Henry Bucks is an Australian menswear fashion icon.

Their clientele consists of time-poor business executives with an expectation of premium service. While the front of house areas maintained that tradition of excellence, the back of house area needed an upgrade.

After an extensive onsite evaluation, our design team developed a customised stockroom layout, which not only maximised storage capacity but also provided adjustable and safe garment storage.

To improve efficiency we assigned designated areas for:

  • Incoming goods
  • Stockroom processes
  • Alterations
  • Online order fulfillment

We also integrated equipment such as workstations and whiteboards as part of our solution.

The end result is a highly efficient stockroom that can keep pace with the demanding nature of retailing today.

  • All stock is now safely stored in racks and shelves – protected from damage or loss
  • Inventory accuracy drastically improved
  • Stockroom can now easily fit four staff members (compared to two previously) – leading to improved morale and shorter wait time for clients
  • Maximised storage space – can now hold twice as much stock

Amart Sport

Amart Sport had an immediate need to reduce its back of house storage footprint while increasing storage capacity and density.

The brief was to provide a reliable, easy-to-use storage system that would increase capacity and at the same time enable staff to serve customers with ease and efficiency.

Bowen Storage designed and supplied a Superglide mobile storage unit consisting of Sigma longspan shelving mounted on a track and runner system.

Designed in-house by Bowen Storage specifically for the retail industry, the Superglide Sigma mobile shelving system is renowned for longevity, cost efficiency, and ease of use, making it the ideal solution to meet Amart’s brief.

Importantly, the low profile, low resistance track, and runner system ensure reliability, safety, and ease of use for the store staff.

The Superglide Sigma mobile storage system delivered significant benefits to Amart.   Footwear storage capacity increased by 30% allowing more products to be stored efficiently on-site.

Additionally, the new revised storage layout allowed products to be found easily and quickly – delivering improvements in customer service and experience.

Aussie Disposals

Aussie Disposals, a leading outdoor and adventure retail chain, was seeking a cost-effective and timely store fitout solution.

Critical to the brief was the delivery of a unique look and feel within the store as well as the flexibility to suit Aussie Disposals’ highly varied product merchandise and range.

The Sigma shelving system was supplied due to its rapid assembly for fast fit out completion, versatility in sizing, and a large range of accessories.

Working with the store development team, Bowen Storage designed custom shelving bay configurations for each individual merchandise range. The modular shelving system was also adapted to create changing rooms that aligned with the distinctive aesthetics of the new store fitout.

The results achieved for Aussie Disposals are outstanding. In just two days the fitout was completed, enabling stores to begin trading earlier than normal. With minimal disruption to business and customers, Aussie Disposals was able to generate sales sooner.

Additionally, the new retail design fitout achieved a unique and distinctive look and feel, aligned to the Aussie Disposals brand image and identity.


Leading international fashion brand, Zara, needed to maximise back-of-house storage capacity in the limited available area.

Striving to meet the needs of customers and stay ahead of the latest fashion, Zara needed a solution that would allow a sufficient amount of stock to be kept on hand with inventory being rapidly replenished.

The brief was to effectively combine flat pack and hanging garment storage. Zara required freestanding garment shelving where walls were not load-bearing. A solution was also required to easily and safely access the products stored on upper levels.

After an extensive onsite audit, we reconfigured the layout design to cater to efficient warehouse traffic and flow. After an extensive site analysis, the Sigma shelving system was selected and supplied.

The Sigma shelving was proven to be the perfect choice for garment rails, adjustability, and free-standing versatility.

An innovative storage solution, the system enabled flexible flat pack and hanging storage, allowing Zara to effectively store their evolving stock lines.

Platform ladders and small Kik stools were supplied to improve accessibility and safety for staff retrieving stored inventory.

With a highly functional and innovative retail shelving solution now in place, Zara’s back-of-house inventory is now maximised, enabling greater storage capacity and density.

The solution resulted in more efficient onsite storage enabling staff to easily find and access stock. Rapid replenishment has seen improvements in customer satisfaction, experience, and sales.

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