Rolled Upright Shelving

Rolled Upright Shelving

The “Rolled Upright Shelving” (RUT) style system has been used for light to medium duty storage since its conception in the 1930s. That just goes to show how reliable it is, and that’s exactly why Bowen Storage offers RUT.

It is typically used for storing smaller items and archive files that require hand picking. RUT-style shelving has been proven and tried for many years. Logishelf shelving is roll-formed from premium pre-painted steel, and its bolted construction makes a strong, stable storage unit that can be easily extended, re-configured, or relocated as storage needs change over time.

Light duty Logishelf shelving is primarily used for personnel accessed picking systems for shelf loads up to 110kg (UDL). Medium duty RUT shelving is available where heavier duty industrial storage applications are required for shelf loads of up to 230kg (UDL).

Our team can also assist you with alternative shelving solutions for warehouse storage applications, including Stockroom Shelving and Pigeonhole Shelving

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Logishelf shelving is a quality, rolled upright shelving system that bears testimony to years of development and experience in providing innovative and flexible solutions to light and medium-duty storage system requirements.

Durable metal construction.

No raw edges to damage stored products.

Solid bolted construction and ease of assembly.

Close-fitting shelves to prevent stock damage or loss.

Single or double-sided shelving configurations.

Wide range of heights, widths, and depths.

Wide range of storage accessories.

Simple clip shelf support system.


Lockable door sets.

Cross back bracing.

Plastic parts trays.

File racks.

Flush end panels.

Bin fronts.

Parts drawers.

Lateral filing cardholders.

Metal dividers.


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