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Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking System Maximising Space Usage

The ability to have access to every pallet at any time is the key reason that Selective Pallet Racking is the most popular system used in warehouses. It is the system for warehouse storage where the flexibility of spacing and size, access, and speed of operation are the main objectives.

The flexibility of the rack structure maximises the storage space used in each section. The beam levels are easily adjusted for different pallet heights and widths to suit varying inventory types. Selective racking is best suited when there are a low number of pallets per SKU and when picking directly from pallets on lower levels is part of the warehouse operations.

The Stow system is globally accepted as one of the leading providers of storage solutions. Built from the highest-grade European steel, exceeding approved Australian Standard AS4084-2023, the pallet racking solution ensures the safety of your employees and stock. The maximum and safe load capacities and measurements of components are calculated, tested and constantly updated to meet and exceed Australian standards in rack inspections.

Selective Pallet Racking can be designed into a multitude of different configurations, ensuring your operators can get to any pallet without needing to shuffle stock around. Additionally, the design can be altered and extended as your stock requirements change, making this the most affordable option for expanding businesses.

Selective pallet racking is used in 95% of all warehouse locations with a floor utilisation of 40%.

Our team can also assist you with additional solutions, including Double Deep and Satellite Pallet Racking.

Selective Pallet Racking - Scorptec
Drawing of selective pallet racking and key points of structure


Selective Pallet Racking Setups in Warehouses

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"I found Bowen extremely professional, knowledgeable of the products, very contactable, and overall a very good company. The team have been very patient with what was, in the end, a very protracted project, and the product was delivered in a safe and efficient manner."

Selective Pallet Racking at Mecca Brands Warehouse

Featured Case Study

Bowen Storage was charged with the creation of an efficient storage solution for MECCA brands, with the aim of improving inventory accuracy, order fulfilment, and stock rotation.

The new solution has delivered scalability – with selective pallet racking a kew component. Future growth can be easily accommodated, as space and resources have been allocated for additional racking and shelving.

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