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Showroom Displays

Showroom Displays

Show off your showroom displays the right way – get the best-looking shelving options for your store, thanks to the team at Bowen Storage!

The modular nature of Sigma shelving lends itself to shop front retail showroom displays and merchandising.

They look great in any retail space, from a store window, or a display window, to store displays, and visual merchandising displays.

They are not only practical but also add to your retail shop display.

Why not give it a go?

Our team can also assist you with alternative shelving solutions, including Coolroom and Longspan Shelving

Image of useful showroom displays


Using the largest available range of standard bay sizes, Sigma shelving allows retailers to efficiently utilise their front-of-house floor space area for stunning retail displays.

Powdercoat colours available for store differentiation.

Combine standard hanging rails and flat shelves economically.

Strong and stable for heavy retail use.

A diverse range of standard display accessories available.

Custom accessories and finishes available.


Take a look at some of our best work...

Front-of-House Storage
Made Easy

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Aussie Disposals Showroom Fitout

Featured Case Study

Aussie Disposals, a leading outdoor and adventure retail chain, was seeking a cost-effective and timely fitout solution for one of their stores.

Working with the store development team, we designed a custom shelving bay configuration for each individual merchandise range.

The modular shelving system was also adapted to create changing rooms that aligned with the distinctive aesthetics of the new store fitout.

See the results for yourself. 

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