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Structural Steel Mezzanine Floors

Structural Steel Mezzanine Floors Maximises Usable Space

Structural steel mezzanine floors are not just for new-construction buildings; they are a popular way to increase floor space without expanding the square meterage of a building. 

They can be installed over machinery, conveyors, and shelving or incorporated into new warehouse storage systems. As with all types of raised storage areas and industrial mezzanines, conveyors, goods lifts, and goods chutes can be included to facilitate efficient and effective warehouse storage and distribution systems.

Utilising airspace with a mezzanine floor is a clever solution. 

Although various materials can be used to construct a mezzanine floor, structural steel is one of the best solutions due to its inherent strength, resistance to moisture, and economic benefits. The steel mezzanine provides you with design precision and efficiency and a sustainable life cycle. In addition, it is resistant to pests and fire, providing a wider scope of inventory that can be stored.

When constructing a steel mezzanine floor, it is designed to match the load requirements of your particular project. Each vertical column is fire rated, and the column profile and steel thickness are precisely engineered to avoid compromising on safety or quality whilst remaining cost-effective. In addition, the flexibility of our designs can cater to any space for positioning of columns and the heights variable to be suitable for your specific space and usage.

Mezzanine floor main support beams can be built to any specification. Your mezzanine floors unique loading requirements determine the thickness of the beam and the spacing required between columns.

Mezzanine floor base plates are welded to the base of each column and bolted to your existing floor for stability and to spread the downward load from your mezzanine floor to the floor below. The size and thickness can vary and depends on the load requirements of your mezzanine project. There are various options for flooring depending on how heavy loads will be, or you may be using it for additional office space.


Image of full structural steel mezzanine floor

For OH&S reasons, all warehouse mezzanine floors require some form of edge protection. Our mezzanine handrail and kick rail system covers all open edges, keeping your employees safe.

Mezzanine floors can be designed to include racking and shelving systems for the storage of your inventory. Whether you are seeking a factory mezzanine or a warehouse mezzanine, Steel Mezzanine Floors are a great investment to optimise your space usage.

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Structured Steel Mezzanine Floor Setups in Warehouses

'Do I Need a Building Permit for a Mezzanine Floor?'

This is a question that is asked by many when considering a mezzanine floor. A building permit protects you against litigation in the event of an incident involving property damage or personnel injury.

It ensures that your insurance cover in such circumstances is effective, and protects you and your staff from potentially harmful non-compliance issues, find out more…

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