Warehouse Safety Accessories

Warehouse Safety Accessories

Protect your pallet racking and equipment from accidental damage with our warehouse safety accessories.

In hand with our range of pallet racking systems, Bowen Storage also provides safety products designed to safeguard your pallet racking and equipment from accidental damage and costly mishaps. 

Available in a range of styles and finished in recognised safety colours, we’ve got your warehouse safety accessories covered.

Standard products are held in stock and custom guards can be designed, manufactured, and installed for any application. 

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Upright protectors

Upright protectors are designed to wrap around the front racking upright reducing the damage caused by pallet impact. Ideally suited for high volume and fast-moving product storage zones.

Safety signage

Safety signage, including Safe Working Load (SWL) signage, must be installed in accordance with Australian Standards and FEM requirements. Safe Working Load signage informs staff of correct load capabilities of pallet racking.

Barriers and bollards

Racking protection helps maintain the structural integrity of your pallet racking and the safety of your staff. Safety barriers and bollards are an important part of warehouse safety, to protect personnel, stock, and equipment. Barriers and bollards can be custom designed and built to suit individual requirements.

Corner protectors

The corners of racking installations are vulnerable to damage caused by materials handling equipment impact. Our steel corner protectors are anchored on both sides of the corner uprights and are designed to protect the rack from accidental damage.

Racking protection

Contact us to discuss our full range of rack protection equipment, ranging from corner guards to wraparounds and upright guards.

Racking repairs

Damaged racking components need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to eliminate possible accidents, some of which could be potentially fatal or at least prove very expensive if left unattended.

Pedestrian safety

Our Logirail handrail and gate systems allow you to identify pedestrian walkways and create fixed barriers between pedestrians and forklifts reducing the risk of accidents and injury. Logirail handrail system is made up of stanchions, handrails, knee rails, kick rails, and safety gates. The flexibility of the system enables it to be configured to your exact requirements.

Rack safety audits

In order to maintain the integrity of your racking and compliance with Australian Standard AS4084:2012, it is imperative that your racking is regularly audited and checked for any damage. It is a current legislative requirement that all storage racking is audited every 12 months.

Worksafe Victoria recommends us as quality rack safety auditors. We provide detailed site inspections, comprehensive reporting, and expert advice regarding safe storage practices in order to comply with current Worksafe and WHS regulations.

Safety signage, including safe working load (swl) signage, must be installed in accordance with Australian standards and fem requirements. Safe working load signage informs staff of the correct load capabilities of pallet racking.

Rack Safety Audits

Warehouse Safety Accessories

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