Warehouse Shelving and Storage Racking

Industrial shelving solutions maximising storage and efficiency

Industrial shelving or warehouse shelving provides your business with options to maximise storage capacity while minimising the floor footprint used in your facility. This heavy duty storage racking system is designed for industrial or commercial use and is made of steel designed to carry the heaviest weights and lengths of large items. Scroll down and review our commercial shelving options including longspan shelving, high-rise shelving and rolled upright shelving

Whether you want to extend your existing industrial shelving or install new warehouse shelving, our team of experts can assist you with a tailored design and layout to deliver the best efficiencies and maximise inventory storage. In addition, our project management team can install your shelving anywhere across Australia.

To learn more about the specifications of the shelving system, download the full guide or reach out to us to discuss your next project.

Image of empty longspan shelving

Longspan shelving is an ideal solution for commercial warehouse shelving. The storage shelving system offers excellent stability combined with a high load capacity. Constructed of lightweight materials formed into advanced profiles, it delivers exception strength. The product is the highest quality and offers a solution to all light to medium duty shelving requirements. Learn more about Longspan Shelving

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High rise warehouse shelving is ideal for minimising your floor footprint and inventory holding capacity as it can be constructed to utilise all available roof heights. This reduces operating space whilst increasing storage capacity and reducing warehousing costs.

This high-density storage method is ideally suited for lightweight product lines such as automotive parts, fasteners, and other small storage applications. Learn more about High Rise Shelving


The Rolled Upright Shelving system has been used for light to medium duty storage for an item such as archive files and smaller items that require hand picking. The shelving is roll-formed from premium pre-painted steel and bolted together, providing a strong, stable storage racks. In addition, the storage shelving can be easily extended, re-configured or relocated as your storage rack needs change over time. Learn more about Rolled Upright Shelving

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