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Custom Pallet Racking

Custom Pallet Racking to Reduce Underutilised Space

Today most businesses have taken steps to optimise their warehouse space with a standard racking system. The existing racking system may serve most of the operational requirements but does not deliver the efficiencies required with underutilised warehouse space, poorly stored goods that can create safety issues, and additional materials handling.

These problems occur when companies with products that do not fit standard racking are challenged to find efficient solutions or warehousing layouts that have not considered the changing inventory and materials handling requirements. 

With 30 years of warehouse storage experience, Bowen Storage has created custom pallet rack and industrial storage solutions designed to solve warehouse storage problems. 

We design and construct storage solutions for heavy, bulky, or odd-shaped products. The design and layout improvements turn wasted space into valuable storage space with a custom size rack. In addition, specialised applications can be designed and built to provide efficient, customised storage equipment by using standard pallet racking components and combining them with custom accessories.

These are just a few of the custom storage systems we have installed.

Reel storage – Fitting mandrel holders to pallet racking frames allow for in-rack dispensing of product from the reel. The reel storage racks are also suitable for rolls of carpet and fabric etc.

Coil storage – Reduced length pallet racking bays, and custom steel cradles, provide effective storage for coils of steel, wire, etc.

Carpet racking – Pallet racking for carpet can be assembled using heavy-duty, extra deep shelving for storage of large rolls.

A-frame racking – Using standard pallet racking components to create specially designed a-frames allows vertical reclined storage of long items.

Laminate racking – Specially designed cleats allow for vertical storage within the pallet racking of narrow products, such as laminate sheets.

Fan belt storage – Designed and installed using heavy-duty mesh hooks fitted to mesh on the rear of pallet racking.

Drum or cable storage – Custom-designed support bars are used to support cable drums on pallet racking.

All these solutions are compliant and meet Australian industry standards.

Let us work with you to implement effective, safe storage solutions through custom pallet racking innovations.

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Custom Pallet Racking Solutions in Warehouses

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"It is difficult these days to find such a level of professionalism and enthusiasm. Bowen Storage not only took our original design plans and offered solutions to them but took it upon himself to offer other solutions, one of which we ended up going with. They worked with us and we're always considerate of our time and never got tired of us calling them."

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