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Pallet Live Racking

Pallet Live Racking Provides Failsafe Stock Rotation

The Pallet Live racking system is a very versatile type of pallet racking perfect for fast-paced warehouses or storage facilities that deal with perishable items. It offers dense storage, automatic stock rotation, and faster handling at pick face and pallet selection 

The cleverly organised Pallet Live system can increase your storage density by up to 70% whilst providing direct access. Therefore, it is the optimal solution where there is a need for failsafe stock rotation.

The food and beverage industries and pharmaceutical and chemical industries trust Pallet Live racking systems due to the need for stock rotation and fast flow of goods.

The compact design of Pallet Live is particularly useful in temperature-controlled environments due to the limited footprint area, providing cost savings on energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. In addition, the system is used to avoid unnecessary internal transport, moving pallets easily from one point to another.

How Does It Work?

Pallet Live Configuration – The compact Pallet Live system consists of deep-running racks creating lanes and two aisles located at the opposite ends. In the configuration, one aisle is used for loading whilst the other aisle is used for picking. This creates a failsafe stock rotation process. 

The system is set with an inclined roller track, which supports and allows pallets to roll to the front of the storage racks. As one Pallet is taken away, the gravity-fed system allows the one immediately behind it to gently roll into position, which ensures automatic stock rotation.

Pallet guides assist operators when loading pallets ensuring they are central. There is a braking system to control the speed of pallets and backstops to ensure pallets stop at the picking face. The number of lanes and height is dependent on your space and storage requirements.

The automated first-in/first-out (FIFO) rotation is ideal for perishable goods like food or other items with use-by dates. Pallet Live racking increases efficiency: it allows pickers to work on one side while replenishers restock from behind the shelves. This method is not only fast, but it also creates less physical interference between workers from each side of the process.

Are Pallet Live Storage Systems Suitable for Your Warehouse?

The design of your warehouse is pivotal to your stock management. Our team can discuss your warehouse operations and business goals to understand your requirements in detail. We can detail the layout which can best optimise your space and ensure efficiencies and productivity for those operating in the warehouse. 

If Pallet Live is not the solution in your specific situation, there are alternatives such as drive-in and satellite pallet racking which offers deep storage and the option of automatic stock rotation. 

Pallet Live Racking


Pallet Live Racking Operating in Warehouses

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