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Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving Maximises Possible Storage Capacity

Longspan shelving is shelving units that can span a great length or have the capacity to be extended to great lengths, being an excellent storage solution. The shelving is predominantly designed for warehouses where goods are deposited and removed manually from the shelves. However, robotic options are also available.

The modular shelving design provides fast and easy assembly, and you can achieve the maximum possible storage capacity, regardless of the space you have available. In addition, the shelving system allows for the easy configuration and adjustment of storage heights to meet your changing requirements, providing a system that moves and changes with you.

The longspan system makes optimal use of warehouse height and can be used to create two-tier high-rise and mobile shelving installations. To access the higher levels, devices that can lift the operator to the required height, such as stacker cranes or order picking forklift trucks, can be utilised or gangways located between shelves. You have the possibility of storing medium to heavy loads and adjustable load levels. The racking system can be built to 10 metres in height. Many warehouses use a combination of mixed warehouse options of picking and palletising. The top of the shelves is used to keep palletised stock reserve, and the bottom is intended for picking.

We provide two excellent solutions for longspan shelving depending on your load capacity requirements.

  1. A light to medium longspan shelving with excellent stability and high load capability. The inventive use of lightweight materials, formed into sophisticated profiles, provides exceptional strength from lightweight components. This provides a product of the highest quality and offers a solution to all light to medium duty shelving requirements.
  2. A heavy-duty longspan shelving solution for higher weight requirements using our pallet racking system.

The light to medium longspan shelving is the most popular as it increases inventory capacity in existing storage zones and maximises space utilisation of valuable floor space. A boltless, modular shelving system for unrivalled application diversity that is easily adjusted and reconfigured to suit changing product lines. Made from certified, prime quality, high tensile steel, with exclusive Sendzimir lead-free galvanising, ensuring superb performance and a high level of durability. The system can be powder coated to your company brand colours.

The shelving system carries the German TÜV approval mark for product quality, issued by TÜV Product Service. The product fully meets the requirements of the Equipment Safety Law. 

It provides easily adjustable shelf levels with 33mm pitch intervals and a wide range of unique accessories for increased storage efficiency. The shelving can be mesh decking, particle board or metal surfaces.

For heavy-duty longspan shelving, please review our pallet racking options.

Longspan shelving provides access to all stock safely and quickly, with minimal staff movement. This, in turn, increases productivity, fulfilment accuracy, and throughput rate.  
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