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Retail Back of House

Retail Back of House Solutions to Increase Customer Service

Access to inventory is key to great customer service. A well organised retail back of house area can increase your team members’ ability to find the right items and sizes for customers when shelf stock is low. 

The modular shelving system is designed specifically for the retail back of house. It meets stringent European and Australian standards of quality and manufacture.

Designed with bolt-free adjustability, the shelving offers unparralelled and class-leading retail storage solutions for all types of inventory. Key features to add value to your stockroom fitout include:

  • European quality and standards for manufacturing, steel and surface finishes.
  • Galvanised steel for strength and durability.
  • Guaranteed load-bearing capacity.
  • Accessories incl garment rails, dividers, drawers, plastic shelves, and mobile bases.
  • Stockroom equipment to complement and complete the retail back of house fitout ready for use – see Retail Shop Equipment.
Back of house shelving

Your Retail Stockroom Fitout Just Became Easier...

When you engage Bowen Storage for your next retail back of house fitout or upgrade, we’ll eliminate all the effort and guesswork on your part.  Our storage consultants have the expertise and industry experience required to design, plan and construct a fully optimised back of house storage solution.

Working with you directly or your store design team, we provide a complete, end-to-end service for the back of house. This includes free design consultation, price vs space comparisons, and 3D-modelled visualisations so you can see the result before we even start.

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Zara's Stockroom Upgrade

Featured Case Study

Leading fashion brand Zara needed to maximise their retail back of house storage space and inventory management within a limited area. After a full site analysis, we deployed our Super 123 shelving system…an innovative storage solution that enables flexible flat pack and hanging storage, allowing Zara to effectively store their evolving stock lines. This ensured their front-of-house and shop floor operations could function effectively. 

Image of retail back of house for clothes

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Retail Stockroom Equipment and Accessories

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