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Push Back Spring Rail

Push Back Spring Rail – Increase 80% of Your Pallet Storage

The push back spring rail system removes wasteful aisles to achieve double density pallet storage from your existing racking. It can be retrofitted into your existing selective racking.

The push back spring rail is a unique system for storing two, three or four pallets deep. In addition, spring rail tracks can be installed on existing pallet racks making them easy to install. 

The push back spring rail warehouse racking system is designed for trouble-free operation. It allows for inventory turnover that is quick and efficient. 

The system can be used to manage on a pallet basis or as part of a case picking system. The warehouse system is ideal for cooler and freezer applications, food distribution or storage of high-volume goods. 

How it works

When pallets are loaded, the springs stretch to allow the pallet to be loaded in front. As most pallets are loaded, the spring stretches to cover the full length of the track. During unloading, the driver removes the front pallet, and springs automatically push forward all pallets leaving the next pallet ready for access.

As the first pallet is loaded, it leans against the spring head. The second pallet being loaded pushes the first pallet back as the springs expand. The process continues up to four pallets. As the front pallet is unloaded, the pressure from the spring-head forces remaining pallets to the front ready for access.

The push back spring rail system is designed to manage different weights and sizes and a lower profile than conventional pushback cart systems. In addition, floor level tracks are anchored onto the concrete slab, maximising space usage. 

Merchandise Safety

The pallets move together, so there are no concerns about derailing, blocking, drifting, or falling on the slides. The tracks are horizontal, so the products will not fall. There is a security cable for the springs ensuring they work effectively at all times. 

The spring system is heavy-duty industrial grade capable of handling both wooden and plastic pallets. There is an optional centre track for very heavy loads or weak pallets. 

The system can be installed on any type of rack as no special beams are required. It is easy for operators to use and has a low maintenance requirement.

The push back spring rail system is ideal for warehouses where pallets need to be accessed and removed quickly.

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Push Back Spring Rail Setup in Warehouses

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"The feedback I've received on the racking upgrade has been very positive. The works went extremely well, with little - if any - mess. The racking has given the stores so much more room for stock, and everyone is happy with the extra space your system has provided. There are now only 2 stores in NSW remaining - I look forward to those stores giving me the same response as the previous 19!"

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