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Stockroom Shelving

Stockroom Shelving

Bowen Storage can assist make sure that you have the most efficient stockroom shelving systems. Our expert team can work with you to work out the best way to tackle your project. Whether your store is big, small, or somewhere in between, we can assist. 

Your back-of-house design and choice of stock room storage have a big impact on operational efficiency. When it’s done right, your staff spend less time on non-selling tasks – like receiving, unpacking, and sorting – boosting their productivity substantially.

This allows you to unlock substantial improvements in cost management and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Our team can also assist you with a wide range of alternative shelving solutions, including High Rise and Rolled Upright

Coolroom Shelving


Make your stockroom super, with Sigma shelving. Using the largest available range of standard bay sizes, Sigma shelving allows retailers to maximise the storage capacity of their stockroom through efficient floor space usage.

8 shelf lengths from 600mm out to 1800mm to suit all storage room and product sizes.

6 shelf depths from 320mm out to 800mm to maximise valuable floor space.

A diverse range of standard storage accessories available.

Custom accessories and finishes available.


Take a look at some of our best work...

Retail Stockroom Equipment and Accessories

Image of stockroom shelving for clothes

Zara's Stockroom Fitout

Featured Case Study

Leading fashion brand Zara needed to maximise their back-of-house storage capacity within a limited space. After a full site analysis, we deployed our Sigma shelving system…an innovative storage solution that enables flexible flat pack and hanging storage, allowing Zara to effectively store their evolving stock lines.

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