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Stockroom Shelving

We provide a boltless Stockroom Shelving system, the most versatile system on the market. It provides you with the greatest number of lengths and heights and bay widths compared to any other storage shelving system.

Ideal for businesses requiring:

  • Pigeonhole shelving and apparel hanging to organise inventory;
  • Storing food stock to keep it organised, dry and fresh for commercial kitchens by using dry storage racks;
  • Freezer or coolroom shelving where protection against rust and corrosion is vital;
  • Keeping your retail store stockroom neat and organised so your store will be more efficient in replenishing merchandise;
  • Industrial and commercial workshop storeroom fit-outs for including storing bulky goods;
  • Small parts storage to manage and secure small parts;
  • eCommerce Fulfillment to support online store inventory.

The shelving system is designed for any storage that is hand loaded.

Our dedicated Bowen Stockroom Solutions division can assist you in having the stockroom shelving for your business’s needs. To review the full range of stockroom solutions, please go to Bowen Stockroom Solutions.

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David B.
RMIT University
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"Shelving looks great, powder coating awesome, sales rep; responsive, installation & delivery team fantastic & genuine. A great experience all around - thank you!"

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