High Rise Shelving

High Rise Shelving

Make the most out of your floor area and warehouse size with high rise shelving.

Sigma high rise shelving makes optimal use of floor area and available roof height. This reduces operating space whilst increasing storage capacity and reducing warehousing costs.

This high density storage method is ideally suited for lightweight product lines such as automotive parts, fasteners, and other small storage applications. High rise shelving can be installed up to 8000mm high with frame loadings of up to 4800kg each. 

Our team can also assist you with alternative shelving solutions, including Food & Cleanroom Storage and Pigeonhole Shelving.

Image of high rise shelving in warehouse


Unirack – two tier shelving systems and beyond are perfectly compatible for heavy duty mezzanine structures

The Unirack shelving system is designed as the heavy-duty version of the Sigma Series system.

This system is also suited to the construction of single, two, and even three-tier mezzanine structures. Unirack uses the same beams as the Sigma Series system, which means there is easy compatibility between the two systems.

Like all Sigma products, the design of the various components is the result of rigorous technical testing and research.

The structural components of the Unirack systems are made from high tensile steel, which is certified according to EN 10204 3.1b.

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