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High Rise Shelving

High Rise Shelving Provides Maximum Density Storage

High rise shelving provides the maximum density of storage available by using vertical space to its full capacity while still permitting individual access to all products. 

High rise shelving is typically used in applications where items to be stored are not excessive in weight. High rise shelving can be installed up to a maximum height of 10 metres.

Combining high-rise shelving with automation systems to locate specific inventory items is ideal for large distribution warehouses handling large quantities of goods.

High rise shelving is a great way of optimising available space. It offers a greater capacity in a limited space without losing the advantages of having direct access to any location. This is the ideal situation in any warehouse.

Depending on your facility:

  1. If the building has already been constructed, its height will determine the maximum dimensions of the shelving used. 
  2. If the building has not yet been built, the facilities can be designed to allow for the required height and can be designed around the most efficient shelving layout.

Typically, high rise shelving is configured with narrow or very narrow aisle dimensions. Depending on the height, stock can be picked by hand, or very narrow aisle equipment can be deployed and utilised. The cost of specialised machinery is typically offset by the cost of having a minimal lease area and additional storage space. This shelving system provides a balance between maximising storage areas, providing unrestricted access to stock, maximising density and at the same time minimising cost. 

High rise shelving provides a versatile alternative and comes in several sizes and configurations. This high-density storage method is ideal for a wide range of lightweight product lines such as automotive parts, fasteners, and other small storage applications. 

High rise shelving can be installed up to 10 metres high with frame loadings of up to 4800kg each. This system is also suited to constructing a single, two, and even three-tier mezzanine structures. Heavy duty pallet racking can be used for higher load weights.

Enhancing your storage solution with a high-rise shelving option allows you to maximise the flexibility of your operation
High rise shelving 01
High rise shelving 02

Bearing Wholesalers

The available warehouse area was reconfigured and a customised two-tier Sigma storage system installed.

The layout of the storage system was carefully designed to maximise capacity, taking into consideration staff amenities, emergency egress, and final order fulfillment processes.

Bowen Storage designed and installed the entire storage system, including staircase, safety loading gate, lighting, hand railing, and mesh safety backing.


Shelving solutions in warehouses

Check out our university archive projects using high-rise, high-density shelving systems.

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