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Hanging Apparel Shelving

Hanging Apparel Shelving

What happens when retail fashion outlets need versatile hanging apparel shelving that can safely and efficiently store a wide variety of garments while ensuring stock remains visible and easily accessible? They get in touch with Bowen Storage and we provide them with the best solution!

Whether you need a hanging rail, shelving units, clothes storage, a clothing rack, shoe rack, wall hanging, storage organisation, or extra hanging space, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Our team can also assist you with alternative shelving solutions, including Showroom Displays and Stockroom Shelving

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Sigma hanging apparel shelving allows retailers to maximise the storage capacity of their stockroom with easily adjustable garment rails:

Mid-mounted of face-mounted oval tubular rails for strength

No bolts or clips for quick and easy reconfiguration to suit varying garment sizing

Combine garment hanging and flat-pack storage in the same bay

Reaching rods and ladders available for high-level garment access


Take a look at some of our best work...

Retail Stockroom Equipment and Accessories

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A Unique Hanging Apparel Solution for Zara

Featured Case Study

Leading fashion brand Zara needed to maximise back-of-house storage capacity in a limited space. After a full site analysis, we deployed our Sigma hanging apparel shelving system…an innovative storage solution that enables flexible flat pack and hanging storage, allowing Zara to effectively store their evolving stock lines.

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