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Hanging Apparel Shelving

Hanging Apparel Shelving

Having sufficient space and flexibility in what can be stored in your stockroom to store garments can influence customer sales. Successful stores understand that staff need to access products quickly and be sale-ready anytime.

They do not have time for pressing items from being crushed in poorly designed layouts. Garment hanging and the correct design of your stockroom are important components to achieving this.

We include specifically designed sections for storing garments when designing stockroom storage solutions. In addition, there are heavy-duty hanging rails specifically designed to keep apparel organised and decrease the risk of damage.

Importantly, the design optimises stockroom floor space where you often have limited foot space available. You can also incorporate shelves below or above the hanging sections, maximising the space’s use.

The system’s flexibility allows staff to quickly change hanging rail positions to accommodate the length of the garments and can include double rails for hanging smaller items. This flexibility to continually alter the garment hanging rails is ideal for the changing SKUs held in stockrooms over the year’s four seasons.

Our dedicated Bowen Stockroom Solutions division can assist you in having the right hanging apparel shelving for your business’s needs. To review the full range of stockroom solutions, please go to Bowen Stockroom Solutions.

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A Unique Hanging Apparel Solution for Zara

Featured Case Study

Leading fashion brand Zara needed to maximise back-of-house storage capacity in a limited space. After a full site analysis, we deployed our Sigma hanging apparel shelving system…an innovative storage solution that enables flexible flat pack and hanging storage, allowing Zara to effectively store their evolving stock lines.

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