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Pigeonhole Shelving

Pigeonhole Shelving

Retail stockrooms and general storage areas are challenged to remain organised and hold sufficient stock. Typically stores are working with limited space and a large range of stock items or SKUs, and they can be going out as fast as they come in.

If not designed correctly and well organised, it can also be frustrating for team members to locate items quickly when serving customers. To solve the problem, pigeonhole shelving is one of the best methods of organising garment stock.

Keeping garment stock organised and able to segment SKUs in colour and size and easily accessible is vital to managing the stock flow and reducing picking errors. In addition, the ability of your team to change shelf configurations quickly as stock volume and items change is important.

Our dedicated Bowen Stockroom Solutions division can assist you in having the right pigeonhole shelving for your business’s needs. To review the full range of stockroom solutions, please go to Bowen Stockroom Solutions.

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Laura E.
Sidgreaves & Co
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“We have worked with Bowen on numerous projects and this project was our best experience to date. We couldn’t be happier and the process from initial design to implementation has been faultless.”

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