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Pigeonhole Shelving

Pigeonhole Shelving

Calling all retailers! Maximise the storage capacity of your flat-pack garments with pigeonhole shelving.

This can be achieved by using standard or custom vertical dividers, along with the largest available range of standard bay sizes.

Our back-of-house shelving systems can offer you fixed or sliding dividers for accurate segregation, as well as shelf fronts, rears, and backing panels for product retention that will undoubtedly last you for years.

We’ve done back-of-house installations for a range of clients, and we know that managing your stockroom is a critical task for any apparel and fashion retailer. Pigeonhole shelving can offer a solution that enables you to keep your stockroom in perfect order, making it easier to locate, replenish, and organise your merchandise.

Don’t keep customers waiting any longer than necessary – you can quickly find and sell back-of-house products. While you will also protect products from getting misplaced or damaged.

Ask the experts at Bowen Storage about pigeonhole shelving. 

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