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AMART Sports Case Study

Owned by Rebel Sport, AMART Sport is an Australian-based sports equipment specialist selling premium health, fitness, and sporting accessories.
AMART Sport had an immediate need to reduce its stockroom storage footprint while increasing storage capacity and density.

The brief was to provide a reliable, easy-to-use stockroom storage system that would increase capacity and at the same time enable staff to serve customers with ease and efficiency.
Bowen Storage designed and supplied a Superglide mobile storage unit consisting of Sigma longspan shelving mounted on a track and runner system.

Designed in-house by Bowen Storage specifically for the retail industry, the Superglide Sigma mobile shelving system is renowned for longevity, cost efficiency, and ease of use, making it the ideal solution to meet Amart’s brief.

Importantly, the low profile, low resistance track, and runner system ensure reliability, safety, and ease of use for the store staff.
The Superglide Sigma mobile storage system delivered significant benefits to Amart. Footwear storage capacity increased by 30% allowing more products to be stored efficiently on-site.

Additionally, the new revised storage layout allowed products to be found easily and quickly – delivering improvements in customer service and experience.

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