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Arborgreen Case Study

Arborgreen began in the Adelaide Hills in 1980, when we were known as Woodchuck. Rod Gooden’s business, selling arboriculture tools and machinery, quickly became known for its knowledge, service, and care. Arborgreen has steadily evolved since then. The team at Arborgreen has built the business into the national powerhouse we know today.

Everyone at Arborgreen is trained in some aspect of horticulture. New ideas and the space to grow are important to us. It doesn’t just help us evolve. It keeps us innovating. It’s why we’re able to invent new products when what exists doesn’t meet our customers’ needs.
With the continual expansion of their business, Arborgreen required improved storage space in areas where large bulky pallets were stacked two high using floor stacking. They needed a racking solution to accommodate their bulky oversize items more efficiently with the selectivity of items.
Working with their team, Bowen Storage designed a more space-efficient storage method providing them with racking, four high storage of their bulky goods, and sufficient room for forklifts to access the large palleted goods without losing valuable storage space.

During the design phase, the existing racking was reconfigured in the facility to allow more space and improved flow for operational staff.

The custom selective pallet racking improved the efficiencies of the warehouse.
By installing custom racking and relocating existing racking within the warehouse, Bowen Storage doubled Aborgreen’s capacity and provided 100% selectivity where there was only 20% previously.

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