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Gazman Case Study

Established in 1974, Gazman is a leading Australian supplier of men’s casual and business clothing. GAZMAN menswear offers high-quality wardrobe staples for every occasion. Shop men’s shirts, chinos, polo shirts & more. Australia-wide delivery.
Their brief to us for a dual warehouse solution was:
  • Create more pick face picking space and store the hanging garments in a more efficient location
  • Separate pickers/packers with the forklift traffic
  • Maximise the online store shelving space

The client still had to operate from the warehouses throughout the duration of the project, while all racking and shelving was either moved and adjusted.

Further complicating the scope of works was the removal of an asbestos roof, which required careful planning around start and finish times etc.

After a comprehensive site review, our warehouse design and layout solution provided:
  • Narrow up picking aisles lower warehouse, and extended frame heights of pick shelves which would then be accessed by a man up picking machine.
  • Relocating hanging garments from the lower warehouse to the upper warehouse, where they’re unloaded and picked from with a boom that extends directly into the truck. This was mounted on the underside of a newly constructed mezzanine floor, so we didn’t lose the valuable room above the hanging area.
  • Re-allocation of pallet racking in the upper warehouse to the opposite side, enabling greater efficiency
  • Moving the packing area from the upper warehouse to the lower warehouse where the picking is done
  • Online store – our design team developed a storage area within this separate room which included removing some protruding stud walls, moving all shelving to the new layout.
The Gazman team are now in a position to drive profits as a result of a more efficient storage area.
  • 250% more storage space – by narrowing up the aisles, we were able to implement additional picking runs, and by extending the shelving frame height, the storage space was significantly improved
  • 197sq/mtrs of additional floor space – relocating the hanging area meant the picking and packing efficiencies were increased, while also enabling the construction of a mezzanine floor for additional bulk storage.
  • More efficient order fulfilment – moving the packing benches down to the lower warehouse shortened the distance from picking to packing. This also created more space in the upper warehouse for bulk pallet storage.
  • 100% more pick face locations – enabling the online store to hold the stock they needed to fulfil orders and also every SKU had a location.

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