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Quay Australia Case Study

Quay Australia is a USA-based sunglasses manufacturer, who was looking to establish a bigger commercial presence in Australia. Quay Australia has become a favorite for individuals with FEARLESS STYLE, a carefree attitude, and a fresh perspective.
To undertake a review and redesign the warehouse by replace the existing shelving and racking that wasn’t fit for purpose. The overall layout, including the packing and dispatch areas, were inefficient and had excessive forklift/personnel crossover.

A warehouse design and layout were completed that created more pick face picking space and pallet storage in a more efficient layout. The plan maximised shelving space for their online store. The separation of pickers/packers from the forklift traffic increased workplace safety for the staff.
Bowen’s Storage Design team designed a layout which incorporated the following key requirements:
  1. Segregated pallet storage, picking area and dispatch areas.
  2. Physical mesh barrier between the pallet storage and picking area.
  3. Aligning the pallet storage area with the roller door to decrease forklift/personnel crossover.
  4. Custom made workbenches on wheels to provide a flexible packing/dispatch area.
  5. Organised quotations for a narrow aisle forklift to give the picking area more space.
Completing the project over a condensed period of time to minimise downtime the results were:
  1. Tripling the existing pallet and picking storage capacity by narrowing up the pallet racking aisles, giving the client additional picking space.
  2. Providing custom packing benches which greatly increased the capacity of the dispatch area, ensuring more orders could be sent.
  3. Ensuring the online store could hold the stock they needed to fulfil orders, with every SKU having a location.

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