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Storage Bins

Storage Bins

Bowen Storage has a wide range of storage bins suitable for small parts storage, food storage, materials handling crates, industrial and automotive use.

Our storage bins are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are sourced from leading plastic moulders.

We can also assist you with alternative solutions, including Industrial Storage Cabinets and Retail Shop Equipment

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Stor-pak Bins

Stor-Pak bins are the ultimate storage bin for practical and versatile storage. Dividers are available for larger bins.

Made from tough and durable polypropylene for a longer working life.

Available in six sizes (from 0.5 litre to 24 litre) to accommodate small parts as well as bulky parts.

Available in five colours to allow colour coding for efficient warehousing.

The angled front provides clear visibility and easy picking of stock.

Store-Pak bins are self-stacking both loaded and empty.

Louvre Panels and Racks

Louvre panels and double-sided flange racks are specially designed to allow Stor-Pak bins to hang in custom configurations.

Hooks and hanging accessories are also available.

Suits any size and configuration of Stor-Pak bins.

Double-sided flange racks can be assembled with castors to create mobile storage trolleys.

Suitable for assembly lines, workshops, laboratories, and manufacturing plants.

Stor-pak Bins

Lightweight and tough, these versatile storage trays are available in six sizes, catering to a diverse range of uses.

Made from strong and durable polypropylene to resist solvents and oils.

Standard tray sizes fit stand metal shelving.

Available in five standard colours – grey, blue, red, yellow, and green (600mm deep trays only available in grey).

Coloured parts trays can be used to segregate different stock lines.

Dividers can be positioned to suit your individual needs.

Australian Made quality.

Stacking Crates

Lightweight yet strong enough to stand the rigors of a long working life these crates can be stacked and nested to save valuable storage space.

Made from strong and durable UV-resistant polypropylene.

Ability to be stacked and nested to save valuable storage space.

Lightweight yet strong enough to stand the rigors of a long working life.

Smooth hand grips.

Full cover lid system available.

Available in red, white, blue or grey

Also available in GECA certified recycled plastic (black only – not suitable for food use)

Large area for labeling.

Hot stamping available to clearly identify ownership.

Enviro-skates are available to suit crates.


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