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Bearing Wholesalers Case Study

With over 37,000 different SKU’s, Bearing Wholesalers is a true one stop shop for the automotive, industrial, maintenance and agricultural sectors servicing customers in Australia, NZ and many other countries around the world. With headquarters in Bayswater VIC, and 12 branches spread across Australia, Bearing Wholesalers has national coverage, allowing us to provide solutions wherever you are in Australia.
Bearing Wholesalers, Australia’s leading supplier of automotive transmission parts. The range at Bearing Wholesalers is continuously expanding, enabling them to match and account for the ever-growing needs and applications of their consumers.

The company tasked Bowen Storage with implementing a unique storage system specifically designed for their small parts product range.

The brief was to dramatically improve efficiency, increase the availability of stock on hand and sustain the long-term growth and profitability of the company.
Flexibility was key for the client, who requested a storage solution that could adapt to changing needs and be adjusted to suit different product lines. Our shelving system was the ideal solution.

The available warehouse area was reconfigured and a customised two-tier high-rise storage system installed.

The layout of the storage system was carefully designed to maximise capacity, taking into consideration staff amenities, emergency egress, and final order fulfillment processes.

Bowen Storage designed and installed the entire storage system, including staircase, safety loading gate, lighting, hand railing, and mesh safety backing.
Bearing Wholesalers had previously been contemplating relocation or a warehouse extension, to accommodate more stock.

These costly options were rendered unnecessary, by transforming dead space in the form of an old disused office into valuable storage space and utilising the full height of the building with the high-rise shelving system.

The reconfigured warehouse provided double the existing storage space while keeping inventory in close proximity to the order fulfillment and sales areas.

Staff can now pick orders simultaneously, to achieve their commitment to timely service during peak order periods.

Each of the three stages was installed in less than one week, without the need for heavy lifting equipment, greatly reducing potential disruption to the client.

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