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Cotham Hospital Case Study

Located in Kew, Cotham Private Hospital has been contributing to the provision of high-quality care since its opening in 1970. Cotham Private is a 60-bed hospital with four operating suites and a dedicated lithotripsy suite.
Cotham Private Hospital needed a storage solution that maximised the limited space available within the hospital and also met the stringent hygiene requirements of the medical industry.
After consultation with Cotham Private Hospital, Bowen Storage supplied and installed a mobile storage solution that utlised the space in the most effective manner.

The stainless steel shelving was configured as a mobile top track storage unit providing clear uninterrupted floor access for cleaning and trolley access.

Plastic shelves and wire baskets were included as they are ideally suited to meet the strict hygiene requirements of the hospital environment.
Bowen Storage was able to deliver an effective storage solution that maximised the available storage space in the small existing storage room.

Using a mobile storage unit meant that more of the hospital’s essential supplies could be held reducing the frequency of replenishment orders.

The mobile unit also made cleaning the room easy as each trolley could be moved out of the way for cleaning.

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