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Protector Glass Industries Case Study

Protector Glass Industries (PGI) is a major manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high-quality, high-performance automotive windscreens and specialty glass products to the Australian auto glass industry. With a national distributor network the supply of materials without damage is critical to their business.
The brief to Bowen Storage was to provide an effective sustainable solution to safely store, handle and pick fragile automotive glass products. Potential product damage and resulting financial risk to the business needed to be negated. Fast.

Fixed and mobile benches were specified, custom finishes were requested and laboratory seating was to complete the solution.
Bowen Storage supplied and installed a customised two-tier storage system to safely store, handle and pick automotive glass products for PGI. The solution included custom-made storage racks, spanning both levels, to safely store glass windscreens. These racks were designed to cater to vertical and horizontal storage of various windscreen components.

Specially designed dividers with soft protective surfaces were created to protect each individual glass item, while at the same time ensuring fast and easy picking and handling of windscreens. Two staircases, hand railing, and pallet loading gates were incorporated in the design to allow safe access for staff onto the upper level of the raised storage area.
Bowen Storage provided customised, cost-effective glass storage and handling solution for PGI, aligned to the company’s key performance indicators.

Specially designed dividers with soft protective surfaces reduced the financial risk of product damage.

The use of a two-tier raised storage area increased storage capacity by approximately 90% which resulted in a reduced building footprint.

Warehouse efficiency was increased by approximately 60% due to the easy visual pick face for individual product items.

Faster picking and dispatch times provided PGI customers with a more responsive and reliable service.

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