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Warehousing 101: How to Choose Better Storage Solutions for Small Items


warehouse showing better storage solutions for small parts

You may own an online store selling many different products, small to large, or maybe in the automotive parts industry. Both require better storage solutions for the myriad of small parts or items in your stock range.

If you are looking for innovative ideas for storing small objects, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn how simple solutions can assist you in organising even the smallest items for your business. 

Storage Cabinets

One great tool storage idea involves using storage cabinets. This is a great addition to any warehouse. You can safely lock away small parts, including items you don’t need to pull often. You can augment the cabinets with bins and trays that you mark with various SKUs.

Visible Storage Cabinets

Another extremely versatile choice uses visible storage cabinets. You can hang them on a wall or mount them on space-saving turntables. The drawers can stow away all types of items. In addition, you can place levels on the cabinets to assist you in finding the items you are looking for. This process is made even easier by the fact that the drawers are transparent.

Hanger Rack Systems

Another way you can optimise your warehouse space is by using a hanger rack system. This integrated system consists of holes, boards, and a range of accessories. Hanger rack systems are perfect for a busy workshop. You will need a wide range of different types of equipment that can be safely stored as needed.

Louvred Panels

Another cost-effective shelving choice is the louvred panels. Simply mount them on any wall (vertical or flat) or rolling storage system. You can place many types of bins on the panels. Louvred panels come with various space-saving options that can be configured to fit your needs. These panels can make life easier for your warehouse managers and employees.

Shelving System with Storpak Bins

An adjustable shelving system with Storpak Bins can be used to store light to medium-duty items in your warehouse or in a back-of-house area. The shelving is available in both single bays and adjoining bays, so you have flexibility if you need to rearrange your layout to clear out discontinued stock or expand for the future.

You can buy stackable trays and storage containers that maximise space while keeping inventory readily accessible.

Has this article got you thinking about improving your storage options? If so, great. We’re here to assist you along the way.

More than 4,000 businesses rely on our services to improve their storage solutions. To learn more about our wide range of better storage solutions, contact our team online. We will have someone respond promptly, usually by the next business day at the latest. 

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