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Book cover fo rethinking warehouse storage design

A Guide to Rethinking Warehouse Storage Design and Inventory Handling

Still undecided as to whether the design of your warehouse should be altered? Are you unsure if it will meet your needs in the coming two to five years and beyond? As the business grows, the demand for your warehouse increases; at some point, you need to either redesign or …

packages travelling on conveyor systems

Are Your Warehouse Conveyor Systems Obsolete?

There can be a number of different reasons why your warehouse conveyor systems can be obsolete and a financial burden. Here is what you ought to know about conveyor systems. Warehouse conveyor systems, a technological aid utilised in order fulfilment, facilitate the movement of products across the facility, including from …

Top down view of a warehouse shelving installation

Do You Have Awkward Spaces that Require Warehouse Shelving Installation?

Do you need a warehouse storage racking system but aren’t sure how to make the most of its difficult spaces? Bowen Storage can assist you! We provide warehouse shelving installation for all shapes and sizes, allowing you to maximise your space and storage capacity. With our assistance, you will be …

Racking protection on end bays

Racking Protection: A Necessity for Every Warehouse

A secure and efficient storage system is the backbone of a productive storage facility. Ensuring your racking is in good condition and compliant, with each pallet location optimised, gives your business and employees every opportunity to thrive in a safe working environment. Yet, the daily operations of any facility with …

business concept of good warehouse layout

Successful Warehouse Operations Start With Good Warehouse Layout

Creating a successful, efficient warehouse operation that maximises storage is all about optimising planning from the outset. A good warehouse layout should, at all times, increase overall inventory accessibility. The effects of good warehouse layout A well-designed warehouse layout should improve the flow of your facility. The primary intent of …

Busy workers inside existing warehouse space

Optimising Your Existing Warehouse Space Instead of Relocation

Planning for the new changing world is a challenge for many warehouse managers when the dynamic of storing inventory is rising. Optimising the existing warehouse space can be an unmoveable parameter you must work with. According to Peter Evans, National Director of Industrial Advisory, Occupier Services, “vacancy rates for industrial …

pallet rack collapse with operating forklift drivers

Preventing a Pallet Racking Collapse in Your Warehouse

Often people think that a pallet racking collapse happens to other companies. But, you will be surprised how often those collapses happen and what the causes are. For example, if you have forklifts operating, you have a high chance of a pallet racking collapse happening. You may have seen videos …

What Is the Difference Between Industrial Shelving and Industrial Racking?

It’s an $8.49 billion global industry, and it’s growing every day. But what is industrial shelving and racking? What are the differences between the two? How do you know which type is right for your business? The storage, organisation, and accessibility of your products are of the utmost importance for …

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