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The Importance of Mezzanine Floor Permits


If you’re looking to build a mezzanine floor, a building permit is most likely required.

The mezzanine floor permit is a legal document. It allows for a particular use or development to proceed in a specified building or parcel of land.

Any building constructed within a particular zone must be suited and compliant with zoning regulations. The specific building is then classified based on size, use, etc. However, if there are specific building works that do not require a building permit, they may require a planning permit.

Regardless, safety is a crucial consideration and a primary reason why such permits exist. Building Authority provides all the relevant details relating to essential safety measures.

The Regulations require the building owner to maintain these essential safety measures so that they operate satisfactorily on the structure of the building. Even a tiny mezzanine structure can affect the compliance of the safety measures. They must be checked and signed off by the statutory building permit process.

Reference to the ‘safety of the public’ in these measures is not limited to persons outside a business owner’s responsibility. All persons employed are members of the public. Consideration also needs to be made for persons not employed by the business that may enter the building for any reason.

Consequences For Failure To Obtain A Building Permit

Failure to obtain a building permit for any building works are likely to result in the following:

  • An infringement notice being issued by Council or the Fire Authority, along with a fine. It may also result in prosecution and more substantial fines.
  • Loss of insurance cover in the event of a building element failure or personnel incident.
  • Lack of legal cover in the event of personnel injury.
  • Excessive fines or imprisonment in the event of a fatality.


Download your guide to building permit requirements and other considerations in this eBook.

At Bowen Storage, we provide the following process management.

  • Site Assessment
  • Site Plans
  • Architectural Documentation
  • 3D Renders and Project Concepts
  • Engineering
  • Planning Permit Acquisition
  • Building Surveyor Engagement and Liaison
  • Regulatory Compliance Confirmation
  • Building Permit Acquisition
  • Assessment and Contracting of Professional, Registered Trades Specialists
  • Total Project Management
  • All Mandatory Inspections
  • Final Sign-Off and Certification
  • Hand-over of fully compliant site, including all supporting documentation

Contact us today to discuss your mezzanine floor project and we can guide you through the process.

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