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6 Important Reasons for Building Mezzanine Floors


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If so, then you should consider getting a mezzanine floor. Not only are they extremely cost-effective, but when building mezzanine floors can double the space in your building.

Below, we give you six important reasons you need to consider building mezzanine floors. Read on to see how this can completely transform your business space.

1. Building Mezzanine Floors Increases Storage

Mezzanine levels can almost double the amount of space you have in your warehouse. By working upwards, it gives you an extra dimension to the floorplan.

All of this is constructed on a post and beam structure, which has minimal impact on the original floorplan space and can even be customised to work around existing objects. If the building is tall enough, you may even be able to add additional tiers on top of mezzanine levels. All of this works out much cheaper more economical than renting additional space.

In addition, it keeps all of your workplaces in one location, so you can centralize your business and stay in-house. 

2. Increases Value

If you are the owner of a property, then adding an industrial mezzanine floor will definitely add to the value and sale price of your facility. By building upwards and not extending outwards, you are increasing the usable space without having the expense of buying more land and having to build structures on it. 

In addition to this you, as the facility owner, can command a premium rate to anyone seeking to rent your building as it offers increased lettable floor area. By installing a mezzanine floor to facilitate your existing tenants it removes the requirement for them to seek another premises to expand into.

The increase in workflow alone will save them a lot of money. All of this makes your property a much more attractive proposition for anyone who is thinking of renting it. 

If you offset premium rates against the price of a mezzanine, then it is easy to see the value it adds. You may be spending a few thousand dollars and space will be doubled and the ROI will be quickly realised. 

3. They Are Easy To Install

A mezzanine floor plan is extremely easy to design and install. It will begin with a visit to the site, and our company will analyse and discuss the options available. You will then be presented with a detailed CAD design of your mezzanine floor and proposal. 

The mezzanine will be built from steel beams attached to concrete to create the frame. This is then overlaid with the fit for purpose flooring, taking into account the loads that will be stored on the mezzanine. The final stage is to attach the mezzanine staircases, the handrails and any s load safety gates required for safe access to the floor area. These are created to facilitate health and safety and to comply with building and local authority regulations. 

Because of their modular construction, they are extremely versatile. They can be temporary or permanent structures, enabling you to later add, remove or redesign them. This is extremely useful if you have a business that is growing or that you plan to expand in the future. 

4. They Offer Flexible Use

Mezzanine space does not just have to be for warehouse storage. In fact, they have a whole host of other uses that would be great for any space. 

If you wanted to create a new office section over the warehouse or even a space for a new department or team, then the mezzanine can allow this. The elevated position makes it a much more attractive prospect than creating a dingy office in the corners of dark, noisy warehouse floors. 

You may also need some area in the warehouse that offers a level of comfort. Perhaps you may be entertaining clients, training your staff, or you may need a place for your workforce to relax and eat lunch. A mezzanine can provide this without taking space away from the floor.

5. Lets You Organize

Increasing the space also allows you to organize your facility better.

If you have items and stock that is are piling up on top of other items, then the extra space will let you spread out store your inventory more efficiently. This will allow a much better way of working, letting you find things easily and quickly. 

It also prevents you from having to rent extra facilities as your business expands. Having items in two locations, particularly if they are not close together, can be troublesome and inefficient. You may find that you are having to ship items between locations, or post out stock from two different places when it could all be done consolidated under one roof. 

Even if you decide to use the mezzanine for administrative and recreation purposes, it will still help you organize. You will have a place for office equipment and records that are not encroaching on the day to day work of your business. 

6. Allows for Expansion

As your business expands, if you begin to outgrow your premises, the only other options are expensive. They involve buying or renting more space, which could be at a premium. In addition, you may not be able to get it close to your current warehouse, causing logistic problems and possible staff loss. 

This leaves you with a dilemma. You can either pay for the added space or relocate entirely.

This is a costly and large process, which will also eat into the profits and work time your company has. Both of these problems can be solved with an industrial mezzanine floor. 

Book a Consultation

Now you know the benefits that building mezzanine floors can bring, you need to book a consultation.

For a growing business, the only other option is to buy or hire more space, creating extra expenses. A mezzanine allows flexibility with a proven solution. 

Bowen Storage can provide a number of storage solutions, including mezzanine flooring. Contact us today to arrange a consultation, so we can start expanding your business immediately!

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