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Pallet Rack Installation: A Short Guide


warehouse of pallet racking full of stock

Pallet rack installation is a warehouse upgrade project that requires time and expertise. Still, it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s used in 95% of warehouse locations to maximise space.

If you’ve never had pallet racking in your warehouse, it can be tricky to know where to start with getting it installed.
That’s why we’ve compiled these pallet rack installation tips in a helpful guide. If you’re looking to get racking fitted and start making the most out of your warehouse, read on.

Safety Is Paramount

At all stages of the pallet racking installation process, the safety of everyone on site is a critical factor. That’s why you must hire experienced professionals to come and fit your pallet racking for you.

This pallet rack installation guide won’t offer unsafe instructions on how to DIY a storage system. Instead, we want you to upgrade your warehouse safely, resulting in a sturdy, reliable shelving set-up.

Before and During Installation

Though the process might sound simple—just set up the upright slots and attach the beams, then place the decking on top. In reality, there are countless considerations to ensure the proper functioning and safe building of your pallet racking. Both the racking itself and what it will be holding are heavy.

That’s why every measurement is so important. The weight must be distributed sensibly on an adequately constructed rack that can support the amount of pressure it is under without buckling. Before installation even begins, the floor must be properly inspected for load-bearing capability and any possible defects.

A professional pallet rack installation team will be well-versed in checking the smallest of measures and positioning. This will ensure you get a well-made set of pallet racking.

After Installation

Your pallet rack storage system should be built to last a long time. That means no risk of collapse due to uneven weight distribution or loose fastenings. Optimal functionality will follow from this: care for your safety results in the best-made product.

Once installed, all pallet racking should comply with AS4084-2023, the National standard. Here are some of the things you should look for in your installation team:

  • Full Insurance
  • Well Maintained Equipment
  • Use of Harnesses at Height
  • Quality Assurance Checks
  • Provider of Completion Certificate

These things indicate that you’re working with dedicated and experienced professionals who want to make your warehouse safe and effective. If you are worried that the team you’re hiring isn’t going to build your racking safely, ensure they comply with safety protocols before proceeding.

Getting a professional’s opinion at some stage of your installation process is vital. Even if a pro has not designed your pallet racking system, getting some pro pallet rack installation advice is a great way to ensure it will be safe and functional.

Pallet Rack Installation Made Simple

Now that you know more about the process of pallet rack installation and the involvement of professionals, you can get to work on upgrading that warehouse. Contact us today if you’re looking for a team of professionals to assist.

At Bowen Storage, we’re experienced in all the ways needed to give you the best pallet racking system in the business. Don’t wait; streamline your storage today by working with us.

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