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Scorptec is a leading provider of computer technologies, with branches across Australia’s Eastern Seaboard.

Scorptec’s brief to us was:

  • Allow for 1000 pallet spaces and 2.8 kilometres of lineal pick face
  • Zoned picking and packing areas
  • Designated store transfer area
  • Accommodate 8 packers
  • An enclosed warehouse management office
  • Order fulfillment from 2 tier mezzanine floor
  • Store replenishment and store transfers
  • Staging area to fit a 40-foot container for the security of the product
  • Mezzanine floor to run over the top of existing office and amenities area to maximise storage space

Our Storage Design team developed a layout that incorporated the required number of pallet spaces, pick face shelving, and a conveyor system to help meet the required pick times and orders per day.

Key features included:

  • A structural steel mezzanine floor installed over the packing area to enable additional space while maximising the space above for extra shelving.
  • A conveyor system that integrated with Scorptec’s bar-code system, enabling orders to be picked and sent to the next picking or packing location for each specific order.
  • Custom-made trolleys with forklift tyne sockets manufactured to make stock replenishment in any part of the raised storage area simple and efficient.

The result is a fully integrated, streamlined order fulfillment system with the capacity for future expansion.

Key result areas:

  • This new facility will enable Scorptec to cater for triple their current order fulfilment in the future.
  • Accurate inventory picking due to the RF Warehouse Management System, and a checking procedure with two different people picking and packing.
  • Product security increased with drop-in bollards installed outside of every roller door, and barriers installed on the inside of the roller door.
  • Bulk product stored safely in securely held pallet racking system, allowing forklift access to all pallet locations in an orderly and timely manner.
  • The layout of the warehouse has been designed so that there is a flow from inwards goods to dispatch while minimising pedestrian and forklift traffic cross-over.
  • A warehouse office under the mezzanine floor near the dispatch area, which included carpet tiles and air conditioning.

Focus On Furniture

With over 16 retail stores and growing, Focus on Furniture needed a solution to improve storage capacity and efficiency for their new warehouse and distribution centre in Hallam – built specifically to better service Focus on Furniture stores around Victoria. needed a partner who could maximise their bulk stock storage, while assisting in their transition from another storage site.

The main challenge being, to utilise space with their existing selective racking while vacating their previous storage site.

After an extensive site review, Bowen Storage supplied and installed a Stow pallet storage system to improve warehouse capacity, efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Modular and flexible in design, Stow’s structural components are rigorously tested to ensure a safe load capacity for goods of all sizes and weights.

Double deep racking provided over 9700 pallet spaces to maximise storage capacity and density, whilst allowing access to all pallets easily and efficiently.

In order to separate pedestrian and forklift traffic, heavy-duty industrial post handrail was installed to improve warehouse safety. Rack protection guards were installed to prevent accidental damage from forklifts.

Bowen Storage worked personally with Focus on Furniture to deliver quality, cost-effective robust storage solution, on budget and well ahead of time.

Our solutions focus and partnership approach enabled the early completion of the project, two weeks ahead of schedule.

The Stow storage solution provided improved storage space and capacity, quick and easy access to stored products, and improved operational efficiencies leading to better productivity and profitability. Most importantly, better response times from warehouse to stores for improved customer service and experience.

Safya Group

As an industry leader in innovative, modular safety systems, Sayfa Group required a solution to store long-length steel tubing.

Due to the product size and length, it was clear that standard pallet racking would not suffice. Instead, the brief called for an innovative and lateral storage solution approach – perfect for Bowen Storage renowned for delivering customised workplace solutions.

The solution was Logicant; a modular, economical cantilever racking system, perfect for storing extra-long, awkward, and bulky products.

With no front uprights, cantilever racking allows clear and easy access to the entire picking face, whilst providing support along the length of the product.

The system enables precise selection of the right product, as the entire picking face is accessible and highly visible.

Bowen Storage supplied and installed the system, designing a solution that utilised the warehouse height available to create efficient use of floor space.

The results speak for themselves – a highly efficient, accessible, and innovative solution that overcame the challenge of storing extra-long products.

By utilising Logicant cantilever racking, Bowen Storage created an effective solution for storing long products.

With quick and easy access to products, the Safya Group can now deliver better, faster service to clients.

Aluminium Industries

Aluminium Industries is a nationwide manufacturer of quality aluminium products.

They needed a partner who could maximise their bulk stock storage, while assisting in their transition from another storage site and contracted this project to Bowen Storage

The main challenge being, to utilise space with their existing selective racking while vacating their previous storage site.

Through discussion with Aluminium Industries, our design team came up with a solution to relocate existing selective racking for another product, and to implement a Pallet Live area for bulk stock.

To demonstrate the benefits of Pallet Live racking, we organised for site visits to some of our existing clients, allowing Aluminium Industries to see the system in action.

The new Pallet Live system allows pallets to flow from loading site to retrieval, minimising aisle space and maximising storage.

Aluminium Industries were also able to consolidate stock from their previous building, thus reducing cost and overheads.

This means that the products are now;

  • First in first out
  • Better contained & in addition,
  • The project deadline was brought forward, finishing ahead of schedule

The end result is a highly efficient warehouse system, delivered on time and aligned to the customer’s requirements.

Agilent Technologies

Bowen Storage was asked to work directly with the project architect to provide a custom laboratory workbench solution.

The brief was to supply heavy-duty workbenches with antistatic properties as well as robust parts storage drawers underneath.

Fixed and mobile benches were specified, custom finishes were requested and laboratory seating was to complete the solution.

Bowen Storage designed and installed a custom laboratory solution, including workbenches, full-height glass front mobile cupboards, and drafting seating.

Manufactured in Australia, Boscotek heavy-duty workbenches are modular workbenches that were tailored to meet the architect’s design specifications.

Workbenches were supplied as both stationary and mobile versions with antistatic laminate worktops to meet safety requirements.

Bowen Storage worked in partnership with the project architect and Agilent Technologies to deliver highly functional and premium quality fitout research lab equipment.

Not only did the solution achieve the functional performance requirements, custom colours added a highly aesthetic premium finish.

The project was completed to the full satisfaction of the architect and client within the specified timeline and budget.

Protector Glass Industries

Protector Glass Industries (PGI) is a major manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high-quality, high-performance automotive windscreens and specialty glass products to the Australian auto glass industry.

The brief to Bowen Storage was to provide an effective sustainable solution to safely store, handle and pick fragile automotive glass products. Potential product damage and resulting financial risk to the business needed to be negated. Fast.

Bowen Storage supplied and installed a customised two-tier storage system to safely store, handle and pick automotive glass products for PGI. The solution included custom-made storage racks, spanning both levels, to safely store glass windscreens. These racks were designed to cater to vertical and horizontal storage of various windscreen components.

Specially designed dividers with soft protective surfaces were created to protect each individual glass item, while at the same time ensuring fast and easy picking and handling of windscreens. Two staircases, hand railing, and pallet loading gates were incorporated in the design to allow safe access for staff onto the upper level of the raised storage area.

Bowen Storage provided customised, cost-effective glass storage and handling solution for PGI, aligned to the company’s key performance indicators.

Specially designed dividers with soft protective surfaces reduced the financial risk of product damage.

The use of a two-tier raised storage area increased storage capacity by approximately 90% which resulted in a reduced building footprint.

Warehouse efficiency was increased by approximately 60% due to the easy visual pick face for individual product items.

Faster picking and dispatch times provided PGI customers with a more responsive and reliable service.

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